How can blockchain advice improve your business performance?

This means that if you are a little conservative and insist on using tools that respect time, try to adapt them to the modern needs of your enterprise and hope that in the end everything will work out. But what is the use of wheel renewal? Why not give innovations a chance and then cut back on the benefits?
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You’ve probably heard of blockchain technology and if you dare to consider applying it in your field – it’s great! And in order to keep up with the technology, make no mistakes during the implementation process, and anticipate every event, you better want to go to blockchain consultants for help. Make sure, that a great result is guaranteed.

Why you should resort to blockchain consulting services
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You have to know that blockchain has carved so many fields that once you get down to counting them you will stumble too fast. Why is that? Blockchain technology provides a plethora of options for the benefit of its users as well as those who are interested in experimenting with this efficient tool. But before entering, you are strongly encouraged to seek the services of professional consultants, and find out why.

First, blockchain consultants possess the information and skills needed to understand the specific needs of each enterprise. They are certainly good at blockchain application and know it inside. Another positive aspect is that blockchain consultants keep a close eye on the latest trends and opportunities, thus committing themselves to introducing the best blockchain solutions possible.

You too will be pleasantly surprised to discover that blockchain consultants may suggest arranging special workshops for your employees. This will help them to learn the ropes of using the latest technology and share their expected approach

Needless to say, blockchain consulting services are considered to be relatively more affordable than those involved with people who will work full-time (here you should consider your human resource issues, several employee bonuses, etc.). Also, it is clear that blockchain consultants are not needed on a permanent basis: they will help you to run your business, provide the necessary details about the technology and, of course, whenever you need additional support in the future, they will be by your side. .

How you can benefit from blockchain consulting services

The main advantage of working with blockchain consulting firms is that you can be one hundred percent sure that a team of external professionals will support you and ensure that you get full coverage about blockchain implementation in your venture. They will outline exactly how you will benefit from using blockchains (this will be a detailed description with expert estimates and comments). In addition, they will investigate if there is an existing problem and explain to you how the blockchain can solve it.

Another important point to note is that blockchain consultants are fully aware of the effectiveness of distributed networks. You may be surprised and ask why this is important. See, blockchain technology is based on distributed networks, based on which smart contracts and decentralized applications are driven. Thanks to consulting services, clients are able to advise themselves on how blockchain networks work and how to resolve them.

Also, let’s consider an organizational aspect. The blockchain industry has certain rules that all business owners are obliged to follow. Blockchain consultants, on their behalf, will verify these terms and provide you with all the details you need to know. What’s more, they will be able to help you deal with any issues you may have, depending on your previous experience working with other clients.

Hopefully, you will find the information described above as enthusiastic enough to keep the hat of your consideration and build trust among blockchain consultants. Make sure your business is bound to prosper and you will be extremely satisfied with the results.


What you need to know about cryptocurrency trading bots

Do you have a cryptocurrency of special interest? Interested in learning more about the tools that will enable you to acquire the best tools? So, you want to clap better at cryptocurrency trading bots. Sounds curious, doesn’t it? In an age where bots seem to find applications almost everywhere, it is not surprising that they were also implemented in cryptocurrency trading. Let’s find out more about these bots and clear up the basics.
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Cryptocurrency (or crypto) trading bots are computer programs that allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the right time. Their goal is to make a profit for their users and ensure that they will be of no benefit in the long run. Bots carefully monitor market conditions and perform trades based on primarily defined algorithms. It should also be emphasized that you are independent in setting your own parameters, which will contribute to the conduct of various trades. This type of software is capable of responding almost a thousand times faster than humans – thus its operational efficiency is out of the question.
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Crypto trading bots can be divided into different types. Among these you can find trend-following bots, arbitration bots and scalping bots. However, according to Bitcoin.com, the most popular is the arbitration bot.
Trend bots are effective if you are in the process of creating strategies once you are focused on trends. These bots are able to follow trends and decide when it is profitable to buy and / or sell something.
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Scalping programs help their users perform more efficiently in the side market. This means that ‘scalpers’ (as these users are often referred to) manage to buy something at a lower price and resell it at a higher bargain.
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As arbitrage bots, they check prices across multiple exchanges and make a profit by taking advantage of the significance of the price.
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Once or if you decide to try cryptocurrency trading bots in practice, you should think about which one will be able to address your business needs. Note that all software and hardware bots have different requirements. Consider all aspects before making up your mind.
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After all the formalities are settled, you can proceed with the installation process. In fact, you can get a trading bot using any of the following 3 options:

  • Get it for free through open-source platforms;

  • Get a paid version of the licensed bot;

  • Create a trading bot (provided you have sufficient technical knowledge and skills).

After processing all the details above, you have probably created an opinion about crypto trading bots. Still, let’s restore all the benefits that people have.

  • Speed: There is no doubt that bots work a hundred times faster than humans

  • Stamina: Bots can handle 24/7 without a break

  • Capacity: Bots are able to process gigabytes of data per second

  • 100% Purposefulness: Bots are not subject to any kind of emotion. They just do what they need.

However, many experts argue that in some cases thematic thinking is needed and thus, people can overcome heartless bots. But these are unique cases and boats offer such wonderful opportunities that you are bound to get better after you prioritize them.

As you can see, cryptocurrency trading bots are really helpful and proven to be manifold, allowing you to make huge profits. Just remember that in order to give them the whole game, you are recommended to verify the bot specifications. And then you run all the chances to stand out to benefit from this skilled technology.


5 benefits of investing in Bitcoin

If you are interested in investing money in Bitcoin, we suggest you read the benefits of this currency in this article. According to many research studies, Bitcoin investors are the most successful investors in the world. For example, Richard Branson, the founder of eBay, PayPal and Yahoo have invested huge sums in this currency. Although your financial success depends on many factors, this digital currency is gaining a lot of popularity around the world. Read on to know more.
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Unlike other currencies in the world, cryptocurrencies offer many advantages. Most currencies are exposed to a number of challenges that affect quality and purchasing power. On the other hand, the good thing about cryptocurrencies is that they do not have to face so many challenges as their purchasing power is not controlled by any authority. Let’s look at some of the benefits of this investment.
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Inflation is a lower risk

We know that regular currencies are under the control of their issuing governments. A lot of the time, it depreciates or depreciates the currency, as the government continues to print a lot of money. As the value of a currency declines, so does its purchasing power. So, more money is needed to buy the same thing.
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So, it works like a tax on the money you already have. There is a separate system with Bitcoin. According to experts, one unit of this currency will be enough to meet the needs of 500 people worldwide. This is a very interesting piece of information
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Lower risk of collapse

According to investors, this currency carries a lower reading risk than regular options. The reason is that it has a global circulation and is not affected by government policies. In other words, Bitcoin will not lose its value even if regular currency or hyperinflation falls.
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Transactions are quite simple

Another advantage of this currency is that it allows easy, cheap and easy transactions. Since buyers do not have the right to claim their funds after purchase, sellers can send the product without worrying about losing their money.
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Existing major currencies are tough to carry, especially in large quantities. Excluding these, it is quite risky to carry a few million dollars to meet your purchase requirements. Bitcoin, on the other hand, offers portability, which means you don’t have to carry a dollar with you.
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No tracking

Cryptocurrencies are not found back at the source, which is another advantage of investing in bitcoin. It will not return to the buyer as soon as the seller receives the coins no matter what. Thus, no government can discover the source of funding.
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Long story short, if you want to invest in Bitcoins, we suggest you consider the benefits described in this article. This will help you make the best decision to meet your needs. Hope this helps.
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The incredible benefits of cryptocurrency fits

Over the past few years, people have been talking a lot about cryptocurrency. At first, this business sounds scary but people are starting to believe in it. You may have heard of ether and bitcoin. They both use cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for maximum security. Nowadays, these coins are available in different types. Let’s find out more about it.
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How can cryptocurrency help you?

As far as fraud is concerned, this type of currency cannot be counterfeited as a digital form and cannot be counterfeited or counterfeited with credit cards.
Immediate settlement

Third parties such as emergency and notary are involved in buying real property. Thus, there may be delays and additional costs. On the other hand, bitcoin agreements are designed and enforced to include or exclude third parties. Transactions are quick and can be disposed of instantly.
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Low fee

Generally, there is no transaction fee if you want to exchange Bitcoin or any other currency. To verify a transaction, there are minors who pay through the network. Although there are zero transaction fees, most buyers or sellers hire third-party services like Coinbase to create and maintain their wallets. If you don’t know, these services work just like PayPal, which provides a web-based exchange system.
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Identity of theft

Your merchant receives your entire credit line when you provide your credit card. This is true even if the amount of transactions is very small. In fact, what happens is that credit cards operate on the basis of a “pull” system where the online store pulls the required amount from the account associated with the card. Digital currencies, on the other hand, have a “push” system where account holders send the required amount without any additional information. Thus, there is no possibility of theft.

Everyone’s access

According to statistics, there are about 2.2 billion people who use the Internet, but not all of them have access to conventional exchanges. So, they can use the new form of payment method.


As a matter of decentralization, an international computer network called Blockchain Technology manages Bitcoin databases. In other words, the Bitcoin network is under administration, and there is no central authority. In other words, the network operates on a peer-to-peer basis.


Since cryptocurrency exchange rates are not based on transaction charges or interest rates, you can use it internationally without suffering any problems. So, you can save a lot of time and money. In other words, Bitcoin and other currencies like it are recognized all over the world. You can rely on them.

So, if you are looking for a way to invest your extra money, you may want to consider investing in Bitcoin. You can become either a miner or an investor. However, be sure what you are doing. Safety is not an issue but other issues should be kept in mind. Hope you find this article helpful.

How to invest in gold bullion

The gold bullet basically refers to those gold ingots or bars that are refined with a lot of purity. In ancient times, gold bullets were used to measure the wealth acquired by nations. These are highly liquid and practical assets that ensure the stability of your investment strategy. So, this is definitely a smart move to invest in gold bullets.

You can buy gold bullets from exchange firms or precious metals, various brokerage firms and a few big banks. Broadly speaking, there are two forms so you can buy gold billion- gold bullet bars and gold bullion coins.

There are about 19 sizes where gold bullet bars are available. Their weight though small is from 1 gram bar to 400 troy ounces known as London Good Delivery Bar. Therefore, the change in weight also causes the price of gold bars to fluctuate from ২০ 20 to below 1 below, 1,000. This huge variety of price ranges offers great opportunities for all types of investors.

Another reason to favor investing in gold bullion bars is that the commission for their trading is minimal. Boolean bars bearing the name of a reputable refiner can be easily sold. Large private manufacturers such as Pump Sauce make these bars look polished and the standard quality production further enhances their appeal and makes them a safe and popular investment option.

In addition to bars, you also have the option to invest in gold bullion coins. Investing in these coins makes it easier for investors to keep track of the daily value of their holdings. It consists of a Troy ounce of pure gold in most bullion coins, and an ounce of gold is found in almost all newspapers every day.

These coins are usually sold at a premium of 3-15% higher than the price of Boliar gold. However a large portion of the premium can be recovered during resale. The premiums of these currencies can be analyzed according to their portability, marketability, convenience and divisibility. The small size, easy storage and convenient weights account for the popularity of these sized coins The demand for small gold bullet coins as a good investment option has increased tremendously over the last few years.

So, don’t wait any longer and move your extra funds towards safe and stable investments. When you invest in gold bullion, you have nothing to worry about. Why keep an eye on the stock market since you have promised profitable investments? Just sit back and relax and watch your capital grow. In addition to the return facility, you can sell your own gold bullets and easily convert them into money when needed. So, be sure to include the Gold Billion with your investment plan.

SilverGal vs. Silver? Gall sets the rolls – which one should you buy?

If you are a serious collector or an outgoing investor in Silver Bullets, you may have had the choice of buying Silver Eagle Sets or Silver Eagles Rolls at one time or another. You probably already know that the American Silvergall is one of the most collectible U.S. coins ever produced. This gorgeous coin is made from the official U.S. silver gold coin and 1 troy ounce of silver with 99.9% purity.

Since their launch in 1986, these Starler coins have been extremely popular. Collectors admire their rare beauty – from 1916 to 19 1947 the Walking Liberty painting became famous in the United States for half a dollar; In contrast, the Heraldic Aggul draws an olive branch on one palm and another on the other, which is comparable to the Great Shield in the United States.

So how do you decide which version to buy? The answer to this question usually depends on the reason you are buying coins in the first place. Are you buying silver as an investment? If that is the case then maybe an investor is looking for a coin roll for a lower premium.

Are you a serious collector? Most collectors will choose different sets due to their variety of compliment opportunities, including the 20th Anniversary Silvergall Set.

Before you make up your mind what kind of currency to buy, let’s take a look at it The main feature Silver Eagle Rolls and the Coin itself:

These are sold in U.S. Treasury rolls of 20 currencies.

The Silver American agglomerates themselves are “Brilliant Unruly” or “Beau” certified.

These are often called Mint Gem Beau Coins.

• Each coin meets US Mint certified details for weight (1 ounce), purity (99.9%) and content.

Three of the most popular silver aggol sets:

2006 20th Anniversary Set released in 2006.

West Tenth Anniversary American Aggall Five Currency Set at West Point.

• United States Millennium Currency and Currency Set published in 2000.


So which option do you choose – sets or rolls? If you’re in the game most of the time in exchange for investing from Silver, one or more rolls of Silver Eagles is definitely the way to go.

Coin rolls have much lower sign-ups and no higher premiums for special die strikes or set groupings. It’s like buying a boolean with additional benefits that you know the currencies offer more than the intrinsic value of the precious metal.

However, if you enjoy collecting coins for their precious metallic value as well as their unique, beautiful and rare designs, sets like Silver Proof Gall Proof Set or 2006 Silver Ag Gall Set will be more suitable to your liking.

Here’s the final word on buying silver agglomerates – if your goal is to safely remove your silver american agglomerates so that their selling price doesn’t hit your target, rolls are the right investment. If you enjoy viewing your currencies and sharing their history and significance with others, aggal sets are a better choice.

Whichever route you decide to take, investing in these beautiful bullet coins has proven winners, outstanding returns and prices that are rising – and are predicted to continue to rise in the future.

What is investment gold?

The term investment gold is used when gold is considered a financial commodity for investment. Demand for gold as an investment product has grown significantly over the past decade. Pension funds, along with private investors, are now investing more in gold bullion. There are several factors that drive this trend.

After last year’s global economic downturn, gold is now considered the only investment that can act as a standard and long-term asset savings, unlike all other financial assets and investments. By investing in gold, investors will not only get protection and quality guarantees for their investments, they will also get higher returns due to increasing demand.

This is not a new phenomenon as gold is a great store of importance, value and investment. It has existed for many centuries and even in the Roman era and even before that gold was the main product used as money and used to conduct barter transactions.

The tendency of gold to retain its value for a long time makes it a very viable choice for investing. Investing in gold is something that lasts for a long time. Gold is a kind of investment that is in its own right in terms of its reality, as an investment with a thousand-year value

The great advantage of investing in gold is that it provides you with a hedge against fluctuations between stock exchanges and currencies. Boolean coins tend to be a great investment in gold and sell for small premiums, thus enabling the investor to make a profit on the investment.

Many investors are now buying gold bars. This is in contrast to investing in futures contracts involving gold. This is mainly due to the fact that futures contracts and other financial investment options are not as effective and efficient as real gold. In the case of gold futures contracts, the return opportunity can vary. However, this is not the case with solid investments in gold.

As the exchange rate of currencies fluctuates rapidly with the recent credit crunch, people are now moving towards investment options other than just stocks and futures, and they are looking for more real places to invest their money. Gold is the perfect opportunity for investors like this. It has spread to different parts of the world

Another great thing about gold as an investment is that there is no value in holding gold like other investments. For all other financial assets, there are complex costs and conditions involved, everything is easier with gold and there are no special costs or barriers for investors to buy gold. These are also a number of reasons why people now prefer gold for investment. After Asian countries, western countries are also now moving towards large investments in gold.

Junk Silver – 3 Reasons Why It Is The Best Metal When Preparing For An Economic Crisis

Despite its name, junk silver is not rubbish. The term junk silver refers to coins printed in the United States before 1965. These are coins that contain 90% silver and 10% copper. The U.S. government stopped minting 90% of silver coins in 1964, but continued to mint 40% of silver coins from 1965 to 1970.

The first reason it is the most precious metal to buy is its affordability.

You don’t need a lot of money to be able to buy it. In fact, you can buy it on eBay for as little as a single dime. Like anything else, when you pay the premium, you get more if you buy less. It is bought and sold in increments of ফেস 1.00 in face value. 10 dime is sold for 4 quarters or 1 half dollar and the same as 5 dime. The amount of coins that blend total total 1.00 face value is the same as when they were minted and have the same silver content.

The second reason is that it is easily recognizable.

Most people around the world have seen the US quarter, dime or half-dollar. This is very effective when it comes to authentication while running. This makes it so valuable in times of economic crisis. You can use it to make daily transactions without the risk of rejection because the seller knows whether it is genuine or not.

The third reason is that during bartending it comes to use enough for daily purchases.

The last thing you want in an economic crisis is to be a bully which is worth 1000 1000 per coin when you need to buy a loaf of bread. Today, 90% silver diamonds cost 2.99 and if you buy those $ 1.50 ১০ 10. Similarly, you can buy single quarters at 5. 5.75 and for 75 3.75. For this reason alone, you should first buy junk silver and only when you have a stockpile that will last you 1 year (minimum) should you start buying recognized gold and silver billions.

In short, junk silver is the best precious metal to buy because it is affordable, easily recognized and comes in sufficient quantities to be able to use it for everyday transactions.

How to invest in gold in today’s market

Here’s how to invest in gold

Are you thinking of buying gold now? Lots of people want to invest but they don’t know how to get started. The general truth is that there are many strategies to start investing in gold. Here are some common ways to buy gold, as well as the positives and negatives for each and every tip.

1. Physical gold

Undoubtedly, buying physical gold is one of the most frequent ways that people spend money for gold. There is a lot to understand about how to invest in gold, about buying physical gold. Here are a few:

How to do it

Buying psychological gold is actually the easiest way because it is the best way to listen. You acquire gold items such as jewelry, coins, collectibles and just other things. The purpose of most investors is usually to hold their psychological gold after which it sells it to a gold trader or other type of buyer.

There are many options related to where people can buy physical gold. They are able to buy them in stores or online. Whenever they look for gold, they keep saving it until they are ready to market it for a higher price. When the price of gold rises, investors may consider selling their pieces.


The first aspect is that physical gold can be a strong resource and history suggests that the value of gold tends to increase over time. Although the economy is not doing very well, very few investments are stable and there is a high potential for prices to rise. If you want a great investment you can easily hold on to, keep it in your own possession, but there is no need to look any further than investing in physical gold.

The second pro is that the physical gold cannot be hacked or deleted. Nowadays, folks have countless assets that they can invest in and are usually online. You don’t need internet or any electricity to run the piece of gold in your hand or something like that. This is a foolish investment to protect against hackers.

Your third advantage of buying physical gold is that you don’t just have to be professional. Perform quick research on gold prices then research on gold traders. Then you can find the gold item you want to keep and then sell it when it is ready. Its as simple as that.


First, buying emotional gold can be expensive. You may want to pay a commission fee based on what you bought from it. Even when you buy it from a private seller, you can bet on how expensive the gold will be. If spending a lot of cash is not in your favor, you may like to think twice about buying gold, but usually investing in gold is definitely worth it.

Second Con is storing gold. It doesn’t matter what kind of gold you get, if you buy it directly, you are responsible for storing it. You have to be careful about how it is stored, otherwise you run the risk of stealing, damaging and losing your gold.

Past Major Con that physical gold, when stored by himself, will not gain interest. You must keep the gold safe until you decide that there is no chance of selling it. If you want to gain some interest in your gold items then buying physical gold and saving it all by yourself is probably not the best option.


Buying physical gold is pretty easy. This is also straightforward. Before deciding what kind of business to do, make sure you do as much research as possible among the gold traders and make sure that you try to find a good deal about the gold pieces. These are all seen as commonsense advice, but trust us once we say it is effective when time is of the essence to buy gold.

2. Gold Future

Gold futures contracts that were standardized and are usually traded on certain exchanges. Gold futures give investors the opportunity to receive a unique number of gold (for example 100 troy ounces) at a price that was already predetermined. However, the delivery transports at a future date.

How to buy gold futures

The first thing you need to do is open a brokerage account. You will find brokers that specialize in futures trading, so take some time when making a choice. After take, you can trade gold futures and how it works you must deposit the minimum amount so that you can open any situation Can. When the price goes in the right direction, then you will stand for profit, but when it goes in the unacceptable direction, you will create losses.


First, you don’t just have to save something. As mentioned earlier, you need to look for your storage space when buying physical gold. With a golden future, this is not a challenge.

Second, less amounts come to mind with the future of gold. When making a deal, you will only be asked to pay a certain amount of cash. Others pay as soon as the contract is signed.

Another great thing is that there is a lot of liquidity here. But in addition to this, you can trade day gold futures. This means there is a possibility of generating and withdrawing regular profits.


There are only a few ironies here. One is that there is a greater risk of trading anything and no different than gold. The default risk can be left inside the trenches of the most experienced traders.

Also, gold prices can fluctuate greatly every day. Making money is easy, but you can easily lose it. Remember, the price of gold can be applied at the time of signing the contract but it can be reduced as soon as it is distributed.

One-third of the con is unstable from the market place. One day the markets may get better and the next day it may crash. In no time, the markets could be an episode with not moving too much.


As for the tips, these are about opening a merchant account with a great broker. You can find dozens and many broker accounts, so compare as much as possible. Find one that will give you good advice on gold futures trading but one that doesn’t charge a lot of fees. The more brokers you have, the more effective you are

Also, research the price of gold for a few weeks before investing in gold through futures. If prices seem stable, go ahead. If there is excessive volatility from the market during these two weeks, consider waiting until everything is more stable.

3. Gold ETF

Gold ETFs are a great replacement for gold futures. You are not the owner of the contract, but you will buy shares in an ETF. Instead, you will be open to gold, so why call them gold ETFs.

How to do it

You can get a broker account through a broker which allows you to trade gold ETFs. You will then be able to select the gold product you want to buy. It’s as early as that.


Gold is one of the best of ETFs because it can act as a hedge against inflation. In general, this is true with gold-based investments. If you should own gold ETFs, they are used to protect your assets from inflation and inflation. Gold is definitely a safe investment and if you buy the right ETFs you will do your main favor.

Second, trading gold ETFs is an extremely easy task. You only need to invest in a single unit of gold, in the case of one gram of gold by weight. Moreover, it is possible to trade ETFs through your ETF fund manager or even your stockbroker.

The third advantage is that you can take a look at the stock exchanges and learn exactly how much gold is being sold. This can be done at any time. If you believe the prices are great, go ahead and buy something, otherwise you can hold on until the prices are a bit more attractive.

Another advantage may be the tax aspect of things. The only tax you can pay is short or long term capital gains tax. Long-term gold that is held for a period of one year or more, while short-term gold is under one year.


One is that ETFs can be expensive. In fact, they may be more expensive than other styles of investing but they are often more profitable. Deciding whether buying a gold ETF is worthwhile is your decision.


If you can, consider investing heavily in capital or enter into regular business habits. ETFs tend to be more profitable than other types of gold investments. Basically you can finish a lot of buildings if you are willing to trade regularly or invest large sums of money.

Another helpful tip is not to choose any fund manager or ETF product as the fee is usually alone. Do some research to find out exactly what the performance has looked like over the last few years. If everything looks good, choose that fund, otherwise keep looking for another fund manager.

4. Buy a gold mining business

This is the best way it can sound. It needs to be purchased from the mining business which is a gold mine. You are basically buying stocks in gold mining companies.

How it succeeds

You can get a stockbroker or investing firm. They can take your funds and invest it in the gold companies of your choice. A different way to accomplish this is to join an internet stock trading platform and spend money on the gold businesses listed on the platform. You buy a certain amount of shares and sell them when you make a profit.


First, buying shares in gold mining companies is straightforward and thus selling them. All you have to do is sell them when you’re ready. Also, you can invest in several companies and increase your chances of making frequent profits.

Second, retail price changes can be huge but they usually take some time. When you are patient, you will definitely be able to sell these pendants if they happen. Remember, if a company is doing well and doing things right, their stock can certainly increase, if the price of gold is too high, you can end up with enough.

Third, buying stocks is start-friendly. It doesn’t take a lot of knowledge to shell out, yet it usually takes some research at gold mining companies.


The risk is high because gold mining companies carry a lot of risk, which can lead to a decrease in their stock, whether the price of gold is high or not. Also, keep in mind that gold miners put themselves in danger and staff they can usually affect the cost of the company’s shares as well. Investing in gold mining companies is as risky as buying almost any type of stock.


There is only one specific tip to remember. You need to research different stock trading platforms and make sure that the shares of the gold mining companies you use are available. Better yet, research gold mining companies and create a set of them before searching stock trading platforms. You can then find out if these platforms offer shares to those companies.

That’s the way to spend money on gold. As you can see, you can find advantages and disadvantages in each investment method, so you can consider different methods for investing. Then you must choose which strategy you will try.

Top 10 Digestive Parasites

Digestive parasites cause very unpleasant symptoms. My own experience of having H. pylori and blotocytosis hominis with digestive problems and energy problems is particularly unpleasant. In fact, they are the root cause of many chronic health problems that unfortunately Western medicine does not recognize as a problem with parasites.

Parasites are easily transmitted from person to person or contaminated food and water or taken to day care centers and municipal city swimming pools. The following ten parasites are found in the stool samples of regular patients:

# 1 Helicobacter pylori

H. pylori is not actually a parasite, it is a bacterium. It buries in the stomach and small intestine causing heartburn, reflux, gastritis, bad breath, bloating and other digestive symptoms. It is known to cause 80% stomach ulcers and 90% duodenal ulcers. It can also cause stomach cancer and possibly heart disease.

# 2 Blastocytes hominins

‘Blasto’ can cause virtually no digestive symptoms and has been linked to arthritis and weight gain. It is the most common protozoan found in fecal samples that carries at least 10% of the parasite in the western population.

# 3 Cryptosporidium

‘Crypto’ is a very common parasite. It is one of the leading parasites for diarrhea and has recently had significant outbreaks in Milwaukee, Sydney (Australia) and Deventry (UK). Chronic Cryptosporidium infections can be very harmful because they lead to intestinal destruction and malnutrition.

# 4 Giaria Lamblia

Giardia can cause the same or similar symptoms as Cryptosporidium. Stinky, greasy stools, flatulence, bloating and diarrhea are common. These parasites can cause long-term symptoms such as chronic fatigue.

# 5 Entamoeba histolytica

‘E. Histo causes amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. This is a very bad bug. Severe diarrhea, fever, and vomiting are often self-eliminating, but the parasite has the ability to move out of the GI tract and invade the liver and other organs, where it causes edema. Chronic symptoms include mood problems, chronic fatigue, poor blood sugar control and liver dysfunction.

# 6 Diamantoba is fragile

D-Physilis is another diarrheal infection. Although it is not usually as severe as e-history, it can cause a lot of chronic symptoms.

# 7 Strongloids (threadworm)

I see threadworms quite regularly in client stool tests. Adults live in the upper part of the small intestine. The larvae enter the body through the skin and then move to the lungs where they can cause respiratory symptoms such as cough and mucus. The larvae shrink and enter the GI tract where they turn. Adult worms cause the same symptoms as H. pylori and are often diagnosed as ulcer disease and GERD.

# 8 Trichuris trichura (whipworm)

Whipworm is relatively common and can cause similar symptoms to any of the parasites listed above, such as bloating, diarrhea, and constipation.

# 9 Enterobius vermiculis (pinworm)

Pinworm is commonly thought of as a childhood infection, but it is more common in adults. It often does not cause significant symptoms but rectal itching is common

# 10 Necker America (Hookworm)

In my experience the hookworm infection would feel very bad. Although worms are only very small because they are attached and bound to the intestinal wall, they can cause significant damage to digestion and put a lot of pressure on the body.

If you have unexplained, chronic symptoms of any kind, suspect that parasites are playing a role even if you do not have digestive symptoms. Click on the link below to discover how to test.

Forces and Trends in Business

The corporate environment is characterized by a number of variables: competition, dynamism, turbulence, complexity and change. All organizations must develop ability to continuously and consciously transform themselves and their contexts. Such contexts include restructuring for optimum effectiveness, reengineering key processes and streamlining functions that are able to provide a source of competitive advantage. The aim is to adapt, regenerate and most important, survive. (McLean, 2006).

For a company to thrive today, strategists must find ways to increase the organization’s ability to read and react to industry and market changes. They must know their goal to boost the company’s strategic flexibility by recognizing disruptions earlier and responding faster.

Strategic flexibility or adaptability can be defined as the organization’s capacity to identify major changes in its external environments, quickly commit resources to new courses of action in response to such changes, and to recognize and act promptly when it is time to halt or reverse existing resource commitments. Being adaptable means leaders must not get stuck in a too-rigid way of looking at the world. The organization must view change as an inevitable and essential part of an organization’s growth, in order to achieve this adaptability.

When there is uncertainty or unpredictability in the environment, managers tend to focus almost all their energy on successfully executing the current strategy. What they also should be doing is preparing for an unknown future. Flexibility stems from the ability to learn; managers tend to overlook the negative and emphasize the positive. They need to understand not only what led to the positive outcomes but also what led to the negative ones. This will optimize their learning experience. According to Ford (2004) four points to foster and maintain adaptability include challenging complacency, giving all employees a voice, encouraging participative work and driving fear out of your group.

The companies chosen for this task vary by industry: a famous automobile manufacturer (Ford) a bank going through a merger (Compass) and a start-up software company (DawningStreams). Ford and Compass have been in business for a long time; it is likely they have changed their strategic plan based on changing forces and trends. DawningStreams is new (established in 2005 and incorporated in 2007). Even though they have not had their first sale and have no staff, the owners have devised several iterations of their strategy.

There is a diversity of stakeholders all that are interested in the activity of business organizations. Emphasis must be placed on their adaptability in strategic analysis and their adaptability in strategic management of business organizations. The organization must have a strategic management model.

Each company might scan the same areas, but for different reasons. Considering technological advances, Ford would prepare itself to lead the market by having various electronic equipment in their vehicles, as well as robotic equipment with which to build them and the supply chain technology to keep all in check. Compass Bank is going through a merge and expanding globally; therefore they will need to keep abreast of communication technology. DawningStreams is a software company; they will need to monitor those companies who would be their competition to ensure their product offers better functionality. All three companies would make sure potential customers would be able to get good information from internet websites and advertisement, which encompasses yet another area of technology the organizations may need/want to scan. In this instance, many members of the organization must be enrolled: upper management and finance, who will determine budgetary factors; the IT department, who will be responsible for the implementation and maintenance of some of the technology; the staff who must be trained to use the technology; a sales force who will sell the technology.

To the outside observer, it may seem unnecessary for any but Ford to scan the (actual) environment when it comes to issues such as emission control, fuel efficiency and hybrid cars. That is true however; Compass Bank and DawningStreams can plan a strategy to be friendlier to the environment (and their pocketbooks) by practicing paper reduction (through the aforementioned technology). Lastly, DawningStreams’ product may be useful as a file sharing service to environmental groups.

With regard to the legal environment, all three must be acutely aware of laws, which affect their respective industry among others. To Ford, legal applies, among other areas, to environmental protection laws and department of transportation safety laws. To Compass Bank, they would abide by the rules of the Federal Reserve (www.federalreserve.gov) and the Federal Insurance and Deposit Corporation (www.fdic.gov). DawningStreams must follow laws as they pertain to the transfer of files, which have intellectual property and also the export of products, which have algorithms. All three companies are global and will need to monitor those laws in other countries, which could effect the strategic planning.

At one company after another–from Sears to IBM to Hewlett-Packard to Searle, strategy is again a major focus in the quest for higher revenues and profits. With help from a new generation of business strategists, companies are pursuing novel ways to hatch new products, expand existing businesses, and create the markets of tomorrow. Some companies are even recreating full-fledged strategic-planning groups. United Parcel Service expects to spin out a new strategy group from its marketing department, where strategic plans are now hatched. Explains Chairman Kent C. Nelson: “Because we’re making bigger bets on investments in technology, we can’t afford to spend a whole lot of money in one direction and then find out five years later it was the wrong direction.”

In such a world we need a planning model that allows us to anticipate the future and to use this anticipation in conjunction with an analysis of our organization–its culture, mission, strengths and weaknesses–to define strategic issues, to chart our direction by developing strategic vision and plans, to define how we will implement these plans and to specify how we will evaluate how well we are implementing these plans. The fact that the world is changing as we move forward in the future demands that the process be an iterative one.

Ford Motor Company – Socio-cultural

Ford Motor Company embraces the socio-cultural changes taking place to allow the company to move in the right direction with respect to attitudes in the society. Two areas that stand out in terms of socio-cultural attitudes would be that of fuel economy and smaller cars. The growing concern by the public for better fuel economy has influenced the company’s introduction of the Ford Escape Hybrid and Mercury Mariner Hybrid. The organization is committed to the hybrid to improve fuel economy as a global strategy to meet customer demands. The increased demand in society for such environmentalism has assisted in the decision for Ford Motor Company to look forward to adding the hybrid feature to the Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan and continue in such a strategic planning direction.

The customers that use these vehicles get a substantial break on their insurance in many states and a tax credit as well while enjoying the increased mileage of a vehicle that runs on gasoline and capabilities for 100 percent electric power. The environmental scanning by Ford Motor Company has allowed the company to be knowledgeable of the fact that the people in the United States are buying more small cars today than any other type of vehicle segment. The lifestyles changes have been monitored and there is good data that shows that such a trend will continue in this direction and the expected growth in this segment will continue. The company has redesigned the inside and outside of the Ford Focus to set the car apart from the competitors in the small car segment while increasing upgrades and features to experience positive outcomes. The direction that the company is taking is based on a competitive advantage and being a leader in the industry. The vehicle line has both a sedan and a coupe to attract targeted markets including younger buyers at an entry level to build upon brand loyalty and customer retention. Ford Motor Company will continue to use the socio-cultural factors to drive the business and enjoy future success.

Ford Motor Company – Legal –

Ford Motor Company with regard to the Environmental Protection Agency adheres to the legal aspect of environmental scanning. Ford Motor Company accepted an award in March 2007 from the Environmental Protection Agency called the Energy Star 2007 Partner of the Year Award in Energy Management. The company is the first automaker to have ever been awarded the award two years in a row. The award has come to be presented due to the commitment made by the company to increase energy efficiency and to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from all of the facilities in the company.

The organization is committed to the responsible use of resources and energy efficiency. The leadership realizes that the environmental protection laws are of great importance and use the environmental scanning to move in the right direction to obtain future success in the company. In 2006 alone the company has improved the energy efficiency in the United States operations by five percent and saving approximately $25 million with enough energy saved to equal 220,000 homes. The effective energy management protects the environment and reduces the greenhouse emissions. Some of the actions taken by the company include replacing lighting fixtures that use 40 percent less energy and using different low-energy, long-lasting compact fluorescent lamps in the properties to include the plants, corporate offices, distribution centers, and research and development campuses. Due to the environmental scanning that takes place at Ford Motor Company the company will use the information that is collected and continue in this direction. New projects for the company include Fumes-to-Fuel that is a system that converts paint fumes into electricity that is being performed with Detroit Edison along with attempting to consolidate the application of primer, base and clearcoat paint applications into a single application to eliminate the need for separate applications and ovens. In addition to the paint booth emissions Ford Motor Company will continue to rely on alternative energy sources such as landfill gas and wind and solar technologies to power their manufacturing facilities.

Ford Motor Company – Technology –

Another environmental scanning tool that Ford Motor Company monitors and uses would be the technological portion. The company has invested $1 billion in the latest technology for flexible manufacturing. The technology that is involved is in many forms to include wireless technology that is installed on the delivery trucks with supplies to the plant as a monitoring status and improved efficiency to reduce inventory. The flexibility of products in the same plant allows the organization to use the same machinery and process for all areas from body assembly, paint facility, and final assembly. The improved efficiency at the manufacturing facility allows for several vehicle platforms to be built on the same line to produce multiple models and quickly change the vehicle mix, the volume, and options based on customer demand.

The technological changes that are being embraced by Ford Motor Company through environmental scanning enables the company to experience huge cost savings through new product launches and 50 percent reductions in cycle changeovers along with waste reduction. Robots are among the technological changes that are being experienced within the organization to include the 400 from the project that are used to weld and assemble the metal body of the vehicle for stamping and assembly. Artificial intelligence in the form of advanced visions systems and laser tracking systems are used to ensure quality through accuracy and dimension abilities. A multi-million dollar training facility is used to ensure that the workforce has the knowledge, skills, and ability to reap the benefits from the new technology that is being used by the company. The training that is administered includes the new servo-electric weld gun system that identifies the perfect center for welding that has replaced the older and loud air-powered system that used a less sophisticated spring system. The environmental scanning of technology that is performed by Ford Motor Company has allowed the company to have positive outcomes in efficiency while remaining a competitive company in the industry through cost savings and continuous improvement.

Compass Bank- Political –

On February 16, 2007, Compass Bancshares, Inc., the parent company of Compass Bank, announced the signing of a definitive agreement under which Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A. (NYSE: BBV Madrid: BBVA) (“BBVA”) will acquire Compass for a combination of cash and stock. Compass will become a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of BBVA and will continue to operate under the Compass name. The transaction is expected to close during the second half of 2007, pending customary closing conditions, including necessary bank regulatory approvals in the U.S. and Spain and the approval of the stockholders of both Compass and BBVA.

BBVA, which operates in 35 countries, is based in Spain and has substantial banking interests in the Americas. The transaction will facilitate BBVA’s continued growth in Texas and will create the largest regional bank across the Sunbelt. Upon completion of the transaction, Compass will rank among the top 25 banks in the United States with approximately $47 billion in total assets, $32 billion in total loans and $33 billion in total deposits. In addition, the combined company will rank fourth in deposit market share in Texas with $19.6 billion in total deposits and 326 full-service banking offices.

Compass is a $34 billion Southwestern financial holding company that operates 415 full-service banking centers in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico and Texas. Compass provides a broad array of products and services through three primary lines of business – Corporate Banking, Retail Banking and Wealth Management. Compass is among the top 30 U.S. bank holding companies by asset size and ranks among the top earners of its size based on return on equity.

Under the terms of the definitive agreement, which has been approved by the board of directors of Compass and the relevant bodies of BBVA, Compass will become a wholly owned subsidiary of BBVA. After closing, BBVA intends to merge its U.S. based banking affiliates – including the former operations of Texas Regional Bancshares, State National Bancshares and Laredo National Bancshares – with Compass.

The aggregate consideration is composed of a fixed number of approximately 196 million shares of BBVA common stock and approximately $4.6 billion in cash. The merger is subject to customary closing conditions, including necessary bank regulatory approvals in the U.S. and Spain and the approval of the stockholders of both Compass and BBVA. The transaction is expected to close in the second half of 2007.

The merger between both companies will be determined by the political factors ranging from implications of laws and regulations to the state of world politics including the consideration of wars which may be going on in different parts of the world. New laws, regulations, tax programs and public policy create forces and trends, which may provide challenges and barriers or opportunities for any company or organization.

Compass Bank – Technology –

Ford is in the process of implementing a laser marking system on its production line to ensure the highest standard on each transmission assembled. The system will be checking for quality on different points on the assembly line. Ford is teaming up with a company called MECCO to implement this process and a trial run of the new system will last for 3 months. MECCO is a leader in its industry when it comes to laser technology. The decision to implement this new laser marking system came because it is more cost- effective and safer than previous ways of marking checkpoints for quality.

Although this process at Ford has not officially been implemented yet, Compass Bank can learn a few different things. It may be a good idea for Compass Bank to do a short trial of online cell phone banking to see how popular it becomes and if it worth all the time and effort, being spent to get it launched. Compass Bank should also consider investing into a company who is the best at what they do, is in the same time zone, and can meet their demands in a timely manner, not simply because they may be cheaper. Finally, Compass Bank can learn that they need to consider what will be most cost-effective and in the best interest of the company over time. Organizing a time line and a list of costs and potential risks would also be beneficial to Compass Bank so they know what to expect and when with the implementation of online cell phone banking.

When completing the global scan one looks for emerging new technologies which may impact any business in any industry. At one time the emergence of the Internet was a technology that was becoming an emerging trend across all industries. Today very new technologies are used to develop information systems at a fraction of the cost and time of processes that were used five years ago. Wireless is a telecommunications technology that may have moved from a trend to a force in revolutionizing the way information is stored, accessed and used across all industries around the world. Some, if leveraged by a company within an industry before competitors use it, may even provide a competitive advantage.

Compass Bank – Competition –

Although mergers may be costly and rather difficult, the value it creates in the end is the desired outcome companies seek. The eagerness to merge is based on several beliefs, those beliefs are, that the performance gains are greater, expenses are reduced, market power is increased, and shareholder’s wealth is also greater than before. The value of a merger is enhanced when the overall benefit is more valuable than the aggregate of two separate pre-merger companies.

In the end, both John and Bernard should consider this before finalizing a decision. When Zion’s purchased Stockmans, there overall value increased by 43 branches. These branches will help performance and brings much more power to the financial market. In the Journal of Money article, Pilloff states “Companies are more willing to acquire others to avoid being acquired themselves.” Keeping this in mind, companies must figure out a cross border strategy.

As part of the broad environmental scan, it is important to identify the internal capabilities of the organization. There are various models for defining capabilities. Most focus on the broad set of intangible assets such as brand, human capital, organizational capital and even relationship capital. Others include the more concrete assets such as available capital, the organization structure, current technologies and information technology infrastructure. In addition to doing a broad environmental trend, Compass Bank needs to do a more detailed capability assessment using any of the models available.

DawningStreams – Competitors –

Business activities are becoming more and more complex to manage, because of distance, time zones, number of parties involved in projects, number of tasks to achieve, multiple prioritizations, lack of general synchronization, insufficient secure and confidential communication channels and growing complexity of IT infrastructures. The use of task list managers has become very common. It is becoming more difficult to keep teams synchronized, to follow and to implement new business processes and to exchange sensitive information confidentially. The DawningStreams software application is aiming at increasing the practicality of daily executive activities. The types of business, which will most probably be interested in our product, are construction (size of network), consulting (need for synchronization), pharmaceutical research (secure exchange of information) and the software industry (complexity of manufacturing).

Many companies have already developed software applications that enable secured communications and file sharing. However, most, if not all, are relying on Microsoft technologies, which prevent them from expanding to Mac or Unix users. DawningStreams is developed in Java, which can be used on any platform, including Mac and Unix. Microsoft has acquired the Groove Company and has released a new version of the product, which can perform many of the functionalities of DawningStreams, but not generic activities (http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/groove/default.aspx). This is our closest competitor by far. More recently, we found, merely by accident, a company called Shinkuro (www.shinkuro.com), which offers the file sharing aspects of DawningStreams but lacks other capacities.

Although DawningStreams will face competition from many existing players, the fact that it will combine a super-set of functionalities in one application, for a very reasonable price, will give it some leading edge over other competitors. If the US patent is granted, the position of DawningStreams will become a niche. Even if the patent were not granted, it would take a profound architectural redesign of Groove (or other competitors) to include generic activities and match the offer of DawningStreams. As a strategy we will monitor the activities of those companies’ websites and understand what they offer in terms of similar functionality and try to ensure we match or best those functionalities to the best of our ability and resources

DawningStreams – Political –

Maintaining the secrecy of information is the fundamental function of encryption items. Persons abroad may use such items to harm US law enforcement efforts, as well as US foreign policy and national security interests. The US Government has a critical interest in ensuring that persons opposed to the United States are not able to conceal hostile or criminal activities, and that the legitimate needs for protecting important and sensitive information of the public and private sectors are met. Since 2000, US encryption export policy has been directed by three fundamental practices: technical review of encryption products prior to sale, streamlined post-export reporting, and license reviews of proposed transactions involving strong encryption to certain foreign government end-users and countries of concern. US encryption policy also seeks to ensure that American companies are not disadvantaged by the European Union’s “license-free zone.” (Bureau of Industry and Security, 2007).

DawningStreams will contain cryptographic functions. Any reliable and efficient cryptographic system requires a central authority to avoid identity theft. Cryptography is a key functionality of DawningStreams. All specialists insist on designing systems using well-studied algorithms and fully tested protocols; novelty is considered a source of risk. The cryptographic layer of DawningStreams will rely on a dual public-private key system. The private key encryption system will implement Rijndael, the Advanced Encryption Standard (http://csrc.nist.gov/CryptoToolkit/aes/rijndael/), the public key system will implement RSA (www.rsa.com) and the hashing function will implement the 256 bits version of the Secure Hash Algorithm (http://secure-hash-algorithm-md5-sha-1.co.uk/ ).

Encryption products can be used to conceal the communications of terrorists, drug smugglers, and others intent on harming U.S. interests. Cryptographic products and software also have military and intelligence applications that, in the hands of hostile nations, could pose a threat to U.S. national security. The national security, foreign policy, and law enforcement interests of the United States are protected by encryption export controls. These controls are consistent with Executive Order (E.O.) 13026, which was issued on November 15, 1996, and the Presidential Memorandum of the same date. (Bureau of Industry and Security, 2007).

DawningStreams also plans to be an international company, as offices now exist in the Netherlands and the US. As part of the strategy, we will ensure we remain compliant by registering our product with any necessary agency and allowing those agencies access to the processes if they feel there is a threat. We will be responsible to monitor (as best as we can) our client base and to put the proper verbiage in our contracts that illegal activities will not be tolerated. We will continue to monitor the BIS site mentioned in previous paragraphs and also sites in the European Union such as the Crypto Law website of legal expert Bert-Jaap Koops (http://rechten.uvt.nl/koops/)

DawningStreams – Technology/Intellectual Property –

The management of organizational strategy requires a comprehensive assessment of the macro environment of the business. Intellectual Property (IP) refers to the original ideas and innovations evolved by an organization in order to haul up its systems and processes. Creation of ideas requires large investments. This necessitates the protection of IP. Benchmarking is the continuous process of measuring products, processes, and systems of an organization against those that are rated best in the industry. It helps in uncovering weaknesses and flaws in the organizational systems, processes, and products. (Watson, 2003)

The study of the global research conducted by McAfee Inc. and MessageLabs Ltd. on security threat in small businesses in the U.S. reveals that 80 percent of small-and-medium-sized businesses (SMB) believe that an information technology (IT) security failure would be damaging in attaining their business priorities. Yet, only few are courageously making steps to fight against infringements due to resource limitations from other business related priorities. The research implies that company size plays an essential part in the way senior management views security. Among the challenges that SMBs face include keeping up-to-date with security solutions and keeping costs low. Small-to-medium businesses’ behavior towards security is very tactical and meets only immediate requirements. (unknown, 2007)

DawningStreams’ relevance to these forces is two-fold. We are a software company—there is an opportunity for us to lose the intellectual property by those who would download and attempt to modify the code. We have competitors who offer functionality similar to ours, however we offer an additional functionality the others do not. It is this ‘specialty functionality’ for which we applied for a patent the United States Patent and Trademark Office. If the patent is granted, there is less likelihood of software piracy or the loss of our IP. Environmental scans should show us if there are other companies trying to do this.

The functionality, which most resembles our competitors’, is the ability to share files. That brings in a different concern with intellectual property- the possibility someone else’s IP could be sent from one of our users to another, as this could seriously damage our reputation, as what happened with Napster. (www.napster.com).


At one company after another–from Sears to IBM to Hewlett-Packard to Searle, strategy is again a major focus in the quest for higher revenues and profits. With help from a new generation of business strategists, companies are pursuing novel ways to hatch new products, expand existing businesses, and create the markets of tomorrow. Some companies are even recreating full-fledged strategic-planning groups. United Parcel Service expects to spin out a new strategy group from its marketing department, where strategic plans are now hatched. Explains Chairman Kent C. Nelson: “Because we’re making bigger bets on investments in technology, we can’t afford to spend a whole lot of money in one direction and then find out five years later it was the wrong direction.”

In such a world we need a planning model that allows us to anticipate the future and to use this anticipation in conjunction with an analysis of our organization–its culture, mission, strengths and weaknesses–to define strategic issues, to chart our direction by developing strategic vision and plans, to define how we will implement these plans and to specify how we will evaluate how well we are implementing these plans. The fact that the world is changing as we move forward in the future demands that the process be an iterative one.


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The last chance for gold

Growing up in a corner of my Florida, there was an old gas station on the edge of Everglades. The owner did a lot of business with his large, hand-painted warning signs:

Last chance for gas

On the other side of the fuel pump was Dufer’s thin two-lane ribbon and 90 miles of waterlogged desert. There is no smartphone. There is no “emergency call box”. And, in most places along the highway, there is no maintenance.

You were yourself – much like the economic wilderness we are all forced to navigate today.

The sharp fall in gold prices and mining stocks is much like a warning sign … and a financial gift …

In short, if you’ve been looking the other way since this year’s Monster Rally, this is your second chance to buy gold at these prices – and I think your last chance. And it comes just in time.

Common trends for gold

Over the past 12 months gold has traveled all over the buyer’s senses: from the ‘most disgusting product’ of all time in the world 12 months ago to around তার 1,050 an ounce this summer to কিনতে 1,350 an ounce of “must buy it”.

Now that gold has fallen from that height, an investor may ask further: “Gold, what have you done for me lately?”

All in all, the gold of the 2017 rally has returned about 60%. Yet the sharp fall is a preliminary bull market for this volatile metal after the resumption of the higher broad trend. The most famous of these pullbacks was the gold run at an all-time high in the seventies.

Starting at 35 35 per ounce in the early S0s, as Americans regained ownership of gold, the price of bullets rose to about 190 190 in 1975. It continues on its own. Over the next 18 months, the price of gold returned almost 60%, falling to 100 100 over the next three-and-a-half years before reaching the then-record $ 800.

The song remains the same

Most importantly, when it comes to companies that dig these things out of the ground … Nothing has changed.

As I mentioned in the past few months, gold mining companies have done a great job at making money to reduce their costs and boot.

We noticed in early February that the elite companies of this group paid an average of 5 215 per ounce of gold dug out of the ground and told anyone who wanted to hear it in uncertain terms: “Stop selling panic gold mining stocks.”

Similarly, after gold prices fell in 2014 and 2015 and dividends fell, many of the same companies not only re-established payments, they started raising them again. In the meantime, mining companies have cleared up much of their old cost structures. That’s why Newmont Mining has been able to bring down its “AISC” – always in-sustain cost – from $ 1,170 in 2012 to 10 10,910 from 201 so far.

The bottom line is that there are many reasons to own gold: for speculative gain, as discussed above; For insurance; And to preserve resources. But you can’t take any of those strategies without taking advantage of the low price of gold and the low expectations that are on our table by the hair trigger traders on Wall Street.

How Bitcoin Works

Bitcoins are a decentralized form of cryptocurrency, meaning they are not regulated by any financial institution or government. For example, unlike a traditional bank account, you do not need a long paperwork like your ID to establish what is known as a bitcoin wallet. A bitcoin wallet is something you use to access your bitcoins and send bitcoins to other people.

How to set up an account

You can get Bitcoin Wallet from Bitcoin Broker like Coinbase. When you open a wallet through a certified broker, you will be given a bitcoin address that contains a number of accounts and a series of characters with the same number and a private key that simultaneously serves as a series of numbers and letters, which serve as your password.

How Bitcoin works as an anonymous payment processor

You can do 3 things with Bitcoin, you can make a purchase, send money anonymously to someone or use it as an investment. More and more merchants are accepting bitcoins as a form of payment. By using Bitcoin instead of cash, you are basically making that purchase anonymously. The same thing goes for sending money, you don’t have to deposit a mountain of money to set up Bitcoin anonymously, basically you can send money anonymously to someone else.

How Bitcoin works as an investment

The price of a bitcoin fluctuates from time to time. To put things in perspective, at the beginning of 2013, the average price of Bitcoin was about 400 400 per bitcoin, but by the end of 2013, the price of Bitcoin had risen to more than 1000 1,000. This means that if you had 2 bitcoins at the beginning of 2013 and you saved them as an investment in late 2013, these two bitcoins should be worth more than 2000 2000 instead of $ 800. Many people save bitcoins because of price fluctuations.

Bitcoin casinos and poker sites

The gambling industry has adopted Bitcoin as a payment method because of the anonymity of Bitcoin. Both Bitcoin Casino and Bitcoin Poker sites are coming to life and offering their players to make deposits, play with Bitcoin at the tables and withdraw it directly to their Bitcoin wallet. This means there is no tax or possibility for government control. Much like the regular Nevada Casino where you don’t need to register anywhere and all your transactions are anonymous.

How do you send bitcoin

To pay for your products and services or to send Bitcoin to someone, 3 things are needed. From that point on, your Bitcoin address, your personal key, and the person’s Bitcoin address address, through your Bitcoin wallet, you will store 3 pieces of information, which are: input, balance, and output. The input refers to your address, the balance refers to the amount of bitcoin you are about to send, and the output to the recipient’s address.

Daily Mail Recent Headlines – "What is the issue of conservation?"

As the Daily Mail headline screamed – “What does it mean to save” – ​​let’s take a closer look at what the noise was in all the recent papers and what can be done to create a more streamlined and rewarding playground for savers. Keep in mind that I am not a qualified investor, but I have experience making money outside of Forex trading and I saw the huge opportunity to use gold bullion price changes to make a lot of money back in 2006.

If you look at the NS&I website, you’ll see that they advertise it as “a piece of cake” and “open your account for just ড 1, enjoy easy access to your savings”, but let’s take a look at some cool information.

If you are a saver who regularly saves স্ক 100 per month in this scheme, with 1.5% annual return for every every 1000 invested over 12 months, you will receive 15 15 interest.

However, with inflation eating at about 2% of the cost of your money in a year, your £ 1000 savings will actually lose about ড 20 of its spending energy, so your “savings plan” has actually lost 5.

Searching this in more detail, we recently learned from the Telegraph that the scheme has a few million savers, so let’s say there are at least 100,000 customers who save £ 1000 or more per year. I make it about 100 100 million.

At the official level this amount can be easily traded in the currency markets and I understand that there are some trades that can pay up to 100% every 90 days. (See above my own rewarding forex experience above, and it was only using a few hundred pounds as my partner).

The problem with virtually any “FIAT” currency-based savings scheme is that its value is based on promises made by the government (such as the pound, dollar, euro, etc.) and not on anything other than such promises; Being constantly devalued due to inflation.

But if you exchange some of your FIAT currency for gold bullion on a regular basis, I believe it will paint a completely different picture. See some statistics below, which show what happened to gold bullet prices between 2000 and 2020.

Between the beginning and the end of 2006, the price of gold rose from 9. 9.78 per gram to 17 10.17. When I first started engaging in forex trading and did a killing trade in gold, my destructive assets were not the opposite of investment activities. Due to all BTL mortgages being regulated.

At the end of 2019, the price of one gram of gold reached 38.89.

At least with gold, you can decide what price you sell it for, if the price isn’t right for you, don’t sell until it’s done. (Or sell only to survive).

What if, instead of investing 100 100 per month with NI&S, you signed up for a free account with something like sawbars and finally decided to exchange your inflation-driven “FIAT” currency for 2.5 grams of gold bullion? Of the year you will own about 30 grams of gold. Even if the value is a little lower after 12 months, you know that its historical trend will always be in UP.

Now, if I dare to refer to the term “network marketing” and you believe that all network marketing opportunities are a pyramid, or register rip-off scam, please do not read any more. (If you’re still here) – I think as you can see, the huge advantage of exchanging some of your “FIAT” currency for gold bullets.

If you find that saving in gold bullion will be very beneficial for your assets and there is no cost to become a customer in this savings opportunity, what is wrong with saying this about your friends, family and business partners? ? After all, you’re not “selling” some of them, you’re just sharing your fortune.

As long as you yourself are participating in this savings scheme (where you put your money in your mouth), why not help everyone you know to do it? And then why not use some more of your FIAT currency to upgrade from “Customer” only to be “individually authorized” by one of the various providers of this service,

Individual sawbars are allowed, when you involve your friends and family in this network marketing opportunity – where you are not selling anything – just to communicate like you do and exchange as much inflation-printed Fiat currency as you can. A win for.

Also, when making your selection, make sure that the company you are going for also has its own gold-backed crypto currency. Like many other people, when Bitcoin was introduced, back in 2009, although they were each sold for a few dollars, 200 fingers burned my fingers in a property investment I considered suspicious, and probably stayed away from what was a lifelong biggest. Opportunity.

These newly minted coins sold for about মার্কিন 20,000 last year and were not even gold-backed. So, consider the opportunity, if any new, unique gold-backed crypto currency is released in the market.