Are Radar Detectors Illegal in North Carolina?

Numerous car owners in the United States own radar detectors. The reason behind this is, many feel the current speed limit is low. Many of the Americans are unhappy about the moderate speed limit. They want to drive fast and reach their destination in a record time and may be they enjoy racing.

The radar detector sends out an alarm whenever there is police in the vicinity. When the alarm goes off the drivers goes easy on their speed by slowing down. The cops on the other hand try to dodge off such devices by hiding behind bridges, alleyways to catch racers.

Motorists are aware of these techniques used by police, so purchase more sophisticated and enhanced radar detectors which keep entering the market. The police too keep improving their techniques and prospects of getting hold of speed racers.

Although use of radar detector is not prohibited by many states of America, it does not mean that it is legal all over the country. Some of the states prohibited the use of radar detectors. The use of radar detectors had been made illegal in North Carolina too.

The decision taken by North Carolina by banning radar detectors and making it illegal is considered to the toughest law of enforcement. In North Carolina usage of radar detectors both by buses and trucks is made illegal.

North Carolina was one of the first few states that enforce this law and also tried to confiscate the radar detectors. It was the federal administration that inscribed the law, but like in many law agencies enforcing and penalizing offenders has been given to the state officials, since they are responsible for inspecting the safety of vehicles. Beside confiscating the radar detectors, North Carolina penalizes the lawbreaker with a $ 500 fine.

Radar detectors have been made illegal in North Carolina to make keep a check on the speeding freaks. The use of radar detectors have been opposed by three sources-the police officers, since it comes in the ways of carrying out the law; municipalities that depend on the revenue make from speed traps; thirdly the insurance companies. Many argument that radar detectors are purchased with the sole aim of evading speeding tickets. By making radar detectors illegal in North Carolina, it brings in uniformity and dissuades the driver from breaking the law.

Stringent laws will reduce rash driving and speeding on the road and improve safety levels on the highway.