Rhode Island Corporations, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Partnerships, Small Business Law FAQS

1) Should I protect my home and personal assets by incorporating my business?

Typically, yes. The single most important reason for incorporating is the fact that debts of the corporation and claims against the corporation will not adversely affect your home and other personal assets.

2) What is the difference between a corporation and a limited liability company (LLC) in Rhode Island?

Both a corporation and a limited liability company (LLC) provide asset protection against claims against your personal assets. The main difference between the two involves the treatment of profits and losses for income tax purposes. A corporation is a taxable entity and pays taxes on its profits. A limited liability company does not pay taxes on the corporate level, but its profits and losses are taxed on each member's own tax return. In a corporation the owners are referred to as shareholders and in a limited liability company the owners are referred to as members. The Chief executive officer of a corporation is the President. The Chief executive officer of a limited liability corporation is the Manager.

3) What will my lawyer need to know at our first meeting in order for him to incorporate my business?

You will need to provide the attorney with two or three potential names for the business so that he can determine if any of them are already used. The attorney will need to know the name of your accountant so that he can discuss with the accountant whether you should be a corporation or a limited liability company. The attorney will need to know the names, addresses and social security numbers of each of the shareholders / members of the corporation or limited liability company.

4) If I incorporated, will I need to do anything each year to keep the corporation in good standing?

Yes. An annual report filed with the Secretary of State is required each year listing the address of the business and the current shareholder / member. Typically, an attorney prepares this report and updates the corporate minute book by preparing the minutes of the annual meeting.

5) If I am operating a business with another person, should I form a partnership or incorporate?

If you are in business with another person, at the very least you should have a partnership agreement indicating who owns the business and how decisions are made in the operation of the business. Another crucible aspect of the agreement will be determining what happens upon the death of one of the owners. Often, it is preferable to set up a corporation or limited liability company so that your personal assets will be protected from the debts of the partnership and for any claims for injuries or property damage resulting from the other partner.

Infidelity, Divorce, and Lawsuits – Understanding Alienation of Affections and Criminal Conversation

Information presented in this article is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered legal advice. Legal references in this article apply to laws in the state of North Carolina.

If you discover that your spouse is / was involved in an extramarital affair or another third party's actions have threatened the stability of your marriage and / or led to divorce, you may have grounds for a lawsuit in North Carolina.
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North Carolina is one of few states that recognize alienation of affections and criminal conversation as torts, or wrongdoings that allow the plaintiff to recover damages.
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The basis of such laws, point to a type of injury or loss that occurs to the innocent spouse when a third party acts in a manner that is destructive to the marriage.

The foundation of a criminal conversation claim is injury, loss, or damage based on actual sexual intervention between the plaintiff's spouse and the third party (defensive).
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Under North Carolina law, each provable act of arbitration gives rise to a separate criminal conversations claim. In order to recover damages on the basis of criminal conversation, you must prove that: 1) the act of sexual intercourse took place between your spouse and the defender, 2) you have a valid, existing marriage, and 3) the adulterous act or acts took place within the three-year statute of limitations. Consent by the plaintiffiff to extramarital sexual intercourse is the only viable defense to a criminal conversations claim.
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Ignorance, seduction, marital instability, and even separation are not valid defenses.

Alienation of affections is somewhat more difficult to prove than criminal conversation. The basis for this claim is that a third party (defensive) acted with intention, in such manner, as to alienate the innocent spouse from the affection of the other spouse.
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This claim does not have to be based on adultery, and can there before be bought against lovers, clergy, family members, or anyone who intentally seeks to break up a marriage.
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To successfully bring this claim, the stainiff must show that: 1) there was some degree of love between the married couple, 2) he / she suffered loss when the love was alienated or destroyed, and 3) the third party's (defensive) intent was to alienate or destroy the marriage.
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Although arbitration may strengthen the claim, providing "intent" opens this claim to several defenses. Like criminal conversation, alienation of affection has a three-year statute of limitations.


North Carolina jurors have been very generous in deliberating in favor of the innocent spouse. In rare cases North Carolina jurors have awarded damages in excess of $ 1 million for the stainiff. Typical damages are awarded in amounts ranging in the tens of thousands.

Rhode Island Divorce Law FAQS How Long Until It’s Over? Residency Requirements & No Fault Divorce

1) How long does it take to get a Rhode Island divorce?

If all issues concerning divorce, child support, child custody, equitable division of assets, alimony, visitation and other issues are resolved between the parties, the earliest possible date for a nominal divorce in Rhode Island (a nominal divorce is a uncontested divorce in which everything is agreed to) is approximately sixty five to seventy days after the plaintiff files a complaint for divorce. If the matter is set down as uncontested, then an automatic court date, “the Nominal Divorce Hearing”, will be set by the clerk approximately sixty five to seventy days after filing.

In the event that one party does not want to go forward on that seventy day nominal divorce hearing date or if all issues are not resolved between the parties, then the case will not go forward on the nominal date and will be set for additional conferences and potentially the discovery process. The case may eventually culminate with a trial. Contested divorces typically resolve in 6 – 10 months but may take up to a year.

A divorce cannot become final until, at a minimum, ninety days after the parties attend the nominal court hearing. In other words final judgment of divorce in Rhode Island cannot enter until at least 90 days after the nominal divorce hearing. In the event that the parties do not go to court and resolve the matter at the nominal court date, then the divorce could take up to one year or potentially more. It is extremely rare for a divorce to take more then a year.

2) What does a “no fault” divorce mean in Rhode Island?

In some states it is necessary to prove fault grounds in order to obtain a divorce. In Rhode Island, it is not necessary to prove fault grounds in order to obtain an absolute divorce. All you need to do is prove irreconcilable differences in order to get a divorce. Irreconcilable differences can be anything from lack of communication, different goals and aspirations, affairs, domestic violence, arguing, fell out of love or actually anything. In other words, if either party wants to terminate the marriage, then that party can get a divorce in Rhode island so long as the other jurisdictional requirements in Rhode Island are met.

“No fault divorce” does not mean that fault is not significant! Fault can be extremely significant in Rhode Island. If a party can prove that the other party is at fault for the breakup of the marriage, then they can seek a disproportionate share of the marital assets. Fault can also be a factor to determine whether or not a party is entitled to alimony.The following types of behavior could be grounds to obtain more than fifty percent of the marital assets: alcoholism, drug addiction, domestic violence, extramarital affairs (cheating), abusive behavior, gambling, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, financial mismanagement, criminal activity, abandonment, etc.

3) What is the residency requirement to obtain a Rhode Island divorce?

In order to file for divorce in Rhode Island you need to have been a domiciled inhabitant and resident of Rhode Island for one year prior to your filing of the complaint for divorce. If you have not been a domiciled inhabitant and resident of Rhode Island for one year prior to filing your complaint for divorce, you can file based on your husband’s / wife’s residency in Rhode Island for one year prior to the filing. It does not matter if you change your residency or move out of town the next day so long as you were a resident on the date of the divorce filing and for one year prior!

There are exceptions for people stationed in the military who maintain a residency in Rhode Island. Even if you move the day after filing, you still meet the residency requirements in Rhode Island. If you do not qualify to file for divorce in Rhode Island you should look for an attorney in other states that you might qualify to file a divorce. If you live in Rhode Island, but dont meet the residency requirements to file for divorce, there are other types of actions such as a complaint for separate maintenance without filing for divorce that you may be able to file which would allow you to deal with issues concerning property rights and child custody and support issues.

3a) What are the residency requirements at the nominal divorce hearings in order to obtain a Rhode Island divorce.

-It is sufficient, if both parties appear at the nominal court date and testify that at least one of the parties was a domiciled inhabitant and resident of Rhode Island for one year prior to the filing of the complaint for divorce. The Family Court will typically waive the requirement for additional witness if both husband and wife attend the nominal court date and testify that at least one party had the requisite residency as set forth above.

-If only one party attends the nominal court date then you need one of the following in order to obtain a divorce in Rhode Island (a) two additional witnesses in court to testify to the one year residency of the Plaintiff or Defendant (b) one witness in court to testify to the one year residency of the Plaintiff and an affidavit from a different witness attesting to the person’s residency. (This affidavit form can be easily obtained by the clerk of the Rhode Island Family Court.)

If you do not meet these requirements to prove residency in Rhode Island your divorce case may be dismissed or you may be given additional time to obtain the necessary witnesses or affidavit.

4) In Rhode Island family law, does it make a difference who files the divorce first?

It should make no difference which spouse files the divorce when the Family Court determines equitable division of the assets, child support, child custody, visitation, child custody, alimony, etc. However, in the event that a no contact order, restraining order or emergency motion is needed or filed, which party files first can be extremely significant! This is especially true if there is an emergency motion concerning child custody and/or child visitation concerning a child.

Rhode Island Attorneys legal Notice per RI Rules of Professional Responsibility:

The Rhode Island Supreme Court licenses all lawyers in the general practice of law, but does not license or certify any lawyer as an expert or specialist in any field of practice.

Helpful Tips For Passing The North Carolina Real Estate Exam The First Time

Passing your North Carolina real estate exam the first time is the best way. It costs sixty one dollars to take it again. Spend that money somewhere else besides at the exam site.

The first thing you need to do is study. Study a lot. Study in the morning. Study at night. Put your family on notice that you will be busy studying until the exam. Turn the television off. Turn Facebook off. Turn the video games off. Turn the study lamp on.

Make flash cards. Flash cards are an easy way to study. Take a three by five card and write a question on one side of the card. Write the answer on the back of the card. Write a question like,” How many members are on the North Carolina Real Estate Commission?”. Write “nine” on the back. Make about five hundred of these flash cards. Use the questions in the back of your chapters in your textbook to find questions. Look in the glossary of your textbook for questions. Many of the questions on the North Carolina real estate exam are testing your vocabulary. Look in the glossary. Find a word like appurtenant. Write on the front of the card,” What do we call something that adds value to a parcel of real estate in an auxiliary way?”. Write “appurtenant” on the back. Making the flash cards is half of the learning process. The real value of flash cards is how easy they are to use. You can use them in the car while you are sitting at a red light. You can use them during the TV commercials. You can use them almost constantly. Make yourself some flashcards.

If you go to You Tube there are several videos posted to help you do the math that is on the North Carolina real estate exam. The math is fifteen per cent of the North Carolina exam. Many North Carolina real estate instructors teach the math too fast. Many instructors assume that you know basic math. That is cool if you do. If you find the math difficult, watching a video is a great way to learn. You can watch it once or twice or three times. You do not have to raise your hand. Embarrass yourself. Let everyone in the room know that you don’t understand. You just hit replay. It is very difficult to pass the North Carolina real estate exam if you miss most of the math. Also, you have to balance a R.E.S.P.A closing statement. Take the time to watch the North Carolina real estate math videos on You Tube.

Get together with your classmates to study. This can be fun. It also forces you to study. If you meet three of your friends at the library, you are forced to study. If you had stayed home alone, you may have watched TV or some other goof off activity. Ask each other questions. Explain concepts like joint tenancy to each other. Studying together is a good thing.

Read the textbook. Many students do not read the textbook. I suggest that you read the textbook before you go to class. If you prefer, read the textbook after the instructor goes over the material. Read the material sometime.

Speaking of real estate instructors, you may be lucky enough to have an instructor that is knowledgeable, fun, witty, and charismatic. If not, make the best of a bad situation. Pay attention in class. Do not daydream. Look at the instructor while he is talking. Ask questions if you don’t understand. If you are reluctant to ask questions in class, write your question down and give it to the teacher during the break. Please do not skip class. You have paid your tuition. You did not pay to be entertained. You paid to learn what is on the North Carolina real estate exam.

When you think you are ready for the North Carolina real estate exam, take a practice test online. Taking a practice test has several advantages. The obvious advantage is you knowing how you are doing. Many times students think they are ready. They take the practice test and score a sixty. Think again. Another advantage of taking a good practice test is that you learn, at least, one hundred concepts. You either confirm that you knew these concepts already by getting those questions right or you learn something that you did not know when you grade your paper. The most important thing that you learn by taking a practice test is whether or not you need to study more.

Do not worry about over studying. This will not happen. I have heard many stories about people barely failing. They made a 74%. That has to feel awful. In North Carolina if you pass the exam, you do not get a grade. Did you make a 75% or 99%? Who cares? You passed. You are finished studying for the North Carolina real estate exam.

What Are the Best Beaches in Rhode Island for 2015?

You’ve made the right choice in choosing Rhode Island as your next destination for a weekend at the beach. Everyone in New England and most people in the US know that one of the fun things to do in Rhode Island is to go to the beach. After all, the state has over 400 miles of coastline.

With more than a hundred beaches in Rhode Island, you want to know which ones are the best beaches in Rhode Island this 2015. Of course, with a limited time, you want to go to one of the best beaches!

Narragansett Town Beach

Let’s start off with the beach that a lot of people, both locals and visitors alike, are calling as the best in the state. Very few people will contest that fact because this beach offers a lot of fun things to do but there’s one thing that makes it one of the most visited places in the state – the surf that it offers.

It’s so popular that on weekends, it’s not unusual to see all 1000 parking slots occupied. With concession stands, surf lessons, surf shops and activity areas, it’s easy to see why people flock to Narragansett Town Beach.

Scarborough State Beach

If a Rhode Islander says that he’s going on “a day at the beach”, there’s a good chance that he’s going to Scarborough State Beach. It’s one of the best because of its good location in Narragansett and it has been around since 1937. It’s also a massive beach set on 26 acres of facility so you can just imagine the fun things to do in Rhode Island on this beach.

Block Island

This is actually a group of beaches but we’re grouping them as one because a lot of people travel here to do one of the most fun things to do in the state – ride the Block Island Ferry. The ride to the beaches itself is filled with fun and adventure so this is one of the beaches in Rhode Island that you should check out.

If you have kids, make sure to check out Kid Beach. This is a popular spot for families with kids because kids can snorkel, splash and even collect hermit crabs here.

Roger Wheeler State Beach

This beach has been around since the day when the state acquired it in 1929 and it underwent a major renovation in the late 1990s so it’s still relatively new. There are a lot of newer beach facilities so it’s a popular spot for locals and tourists. There’s a playground, pavilion and even an environment educational area.

Rhode Island Will, Trusts, Estate Planning and Probate Law – FAQS by an Experienced RI Attorney

1) Do I need a Will?

Most likely, yes. Anyone who has minor children should have a will to appoint a Guardian in the event of both parents dying while the children are minors. Anyone who wants to distribute her estate in an alternative manner to the intestate laws prescribed by the state of residence must have a will.

2) What is intestate?

A person who dies without a will, dies intestate. Under these circumstances, the laws of intestacy as prescribed by the state of residence will govern the disposition of the estate.

3) Can I avoid probate if I have a will?

No. Probate is the process of validating a will. In order for a will to be valid and have force and effect, a probate judge must approve the will in court and appoint an executor who will handle the estate.

4) If I die with minor children, who will handle my money for them?

If you have minor children, a trust should be established for the time period until they reach the age of majority or another age selected by the testator. You, the testator, would also appoint a trustee to handle the assets of the trust for the benefit of your minor children until such time as the corpus of the trust is to be given to the children.

5) Can I appoint the same person as an executive, trustee and guardian?

Yes. The same person can fulfill all of these duties, but it should not be the same person. For practical reasons, having the same person as guardian and trustee simplifies matters. However, if one person is great with children but poor with finances, it may make sense to split the duties.

6) How can I avoid the probate process?

A person's estate will not need to be probated if the person did not have assets in her name alone at the time of death. Therefore, one way to avoid probate is to own all of your assets jointly with another. The better approach is to create a living trust.

7) What is a trust?

A trust is a separate entity which has its own legal existence apart from the settlor or grantor of the trust. The assets in the trust are governed by the trustees or trustees of the trust which can be the same person or persons who created the trust. One benefit of the trust is that it does not need to be probated in order to be valid and effective. It works without court administration or supervision. This saves the time and expense of the probate process, but trusts are more expensive to draft and put into effect than a will.

8) What other benefits are there for creating a trust?

The creator of the trust has the freedom to include any trust provisions that desire. This flexibility allows for the unique situation to be handled in a prejudice and delicate manner. For example, a spendthrift child can be controlled, or an inflicted or disabled child can have detailed provisions for their care and maintenance.

There are also special trusts to be utilized for tax planning purposes if the estate is taxable either federally or at the state level. In 2006 and 2007 the limits are $ 675,000 in Rhode Island and $ 2 million federally. These limits are adjusted for inflation in the coming years. Please contact our office if you believe you may have a taxable estate.

Extended Visa Status in North Carolina

People may immigrate to the United States for employment or educational opportunities. When they enter the country, their visas allow them to remain in the United States for specific amount of time. The date that a person's authorized stay expires can be found in the lower right-hand corner of his or her US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Form I-94, Arrival-Departure Record.

There are multiple reasons that an immigrant may need to extend his or her visa status. Because North Carolina is home to prominent educational institutions such as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University, and North Carolina State University, many people seek visa extensions for academic purposes. The specific reasons may include:

  • A student needs additional time in order to graduate
  • A student wanted to take summer school classes
  • A student wants to attend graduate school

If a person is in the United States on a student visa, such as an F-1 or M-1 visa, or a B-1, B-2, or M-2 visa, he or she can use the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Electronic Immigration System (ELIS) ​​to electronically file a Form I-539, Application To Extend / Change Nonimmigrant Status. USCIS recommends that people apply to extend their stays at least 45 days before their authorized stays expire.

People can apply to extend their visa statuses so long as:

  • They were lawfully admitted into the United States with nonimmigrant visas
  • Their nonimmigrant visa statuses remain valid
  • They have not committed any crimes that make them ineligible for visas
  • They have not violated the conditions of their admission
  • Their passports are valid and will remain valid for the duration of their stays

As part of applying to extend a visa status, a person may be required to submit evidence to UCIS that may include:

  • Documents demonstrating reasons for extension
  • Proof of sufficient funds that applicable can support myself or herself in the United States
  • Affidavit of Support

A person who remains in the country after his or her visa status has expired risks deportation. If a person has filed a Form I-539 and the date listed on his or her Form I-94 passes, he or she reasonably does not need to fear being placed into removal proceedings while his or her application is still pending. However, it is recommended that immigrants do not accept any unauthorized employment opportunities and students not enroll in any classes until their status extension has been approved by UCIS.

Rhode Island Child Support Law FAQS – Daycare, Overtime, Modification, College, Termination

1) What if my child's parent works overtime? Will overtime be included in child support?

There is no standard law or rule in Rhode Island regarding whether or not the non-possessory parent's overtime will be used to calculate child support. One Judge in Rhode Island consistently rules that overtime compensation can not be used to calculate child support.

Other Judges in Rhode Island have different opinions regarding overtime. The Family Court is a court of equity and fairness. Judges in Rhode Island will typically look at whether or not a person consistently works overtime over a fundamental period of time. Judges may also look at whether or not overtime is consistently offered to a spouse. If overtime is infrequent or not typically offered Judges may be hesitant to calculate overtime as a factor of child support. In that case, many attorneys argue that a person's income should be calculated using their W2 or gross income for the entire calendar year. By calculating gross income over an entire calendar year even infrequent overtime becomes an element of child support.

Judges may also look at other factors such as the needs and expenses of both parties and any extra expenses for the child. At least one Judge has claimed that the possessory parent obtain a percentage of the overtime that is worked by the non-possessory parent. Other Judges in Rhode Island believe that overtime should always be a factor in child support. Often the issue of overtime is negotiated by the lawyers prior to any formal ruling by the Judge.

2) My child is about to turn 18 but is still in high school and living at home, can I still get child support?

Under Rhode Island Law, child support should end when a child turns 18 and graduates high school. If the child is still in high school, then child support will continue until the child turns 19.

Child support in Rhode Island automatically continues even after the child turns 18 without a Motion to terminate child support is filed. If you are a non-possessory parent, your best option is to contact a lawyer to file a Motion to Terminate Child Support approximately 40 days prior to your child turning 18 and graduating high school. This will mean that the motion will be heard on a court date soon after the child turns 18. Please note that the non-possessory parent can still be found in pretent for failure to pay child support even after the child turns 18 if there is no motion granted to terminate the child support. If a child is seriously disabled, child support will continue until the child turns 21 years old.

3) Can I get my child's father to be ordered to pay for my child's college education?

In Rhode Island the Court has no jurisdiction to order a parent to pay for the college education of his / her child. However, if pursant to a Property Settlement Agreement or other contract, one party agreements to pay for a child's education, then that agreement may be enforced by a court of law. Therefore, if you seek to have your child's parent pay for your child's college education, then you must negotiate payment of college expenses as part of a global settlement of the divorce or custody agreement or other similar agreement.

4) Who is going to pay for my child's daycare?

The Rhode Island minimum child support guidelines take into account both the importance and expense of daycare. The child support guidelines and worksheet are used to determine the proper amount of child support to be paid by the non-possessory parent. The bottom line is that a party will be ordered to pay approximately the same percentage of the daycare that the party makes in relation to that party's percentage of the combined gross income of both parties.

For example: If the husband makes $ 100,000.00 and the wife makes $ 50,000.00 the combined gross income for the parties is $ 150,000.00. Therefore, the husband makes 66 percent of the income and will be ordered to pay 66 percent of the daycare in addition to child support. (There may be an adjustment to take into account the federal tax credit.) This amount is added onto the minimum Child Support Guidelines amount.

5) How do I modify, increase or terminate child support in Rhode Island?

In Rhode Island child support can only be modified if there is a fundamental change of circumstances. In order to get a substantial change of circumstances, the child support amount must be 10 percent more or less than the old child support order. The change in circumstances could result from loss of a job, increase of income of either party, new dependents, loss of overtime, unemployment, a disability, etc.

Tyler Hansbrough University of North Carolina (UNC) – Basketball Career Bio With Coach Roy Williams

Tyler Hansbrough was a highly qualified college basketball prospect as a high school student from the state of Missouri of who won two boys basketball state championships. After considering basketball scholarship offers from numerous storied basketball programs such as Duke University, the University of Kansas, and the University of Kentucky Tyler extremely decided to play hoops for the University of North Carolina (UNC) Tar Heels.

When Tyler arrived on the Chapel Hill, North Carolina campus he was greeted byamed head coach Roy Williams. Coach Williams made a name for himself as a long time respected head basketball coach at the University of Kansas before returning to his alma mater in 2003 as the head coach at UNC. Shortly after returning to the college that he graduated from in 1972 Roy Williams won his first national championship with the Tar Heels in 2005. Over the course of the four years that Tyler spent at UNC Hansbrough and Roy Williams formed a bond about as close any athlete and coach can have. When Hansbrough had his jersey retired in February of 2010 before a UNC vs. Duke rivalry game the ceremony brought tears to the eyes of Coach Williams.

As a freshmen on the UNC Tar Heels basketball team Tyler made an immediate impact. The first year star finished the season as the second leading scorer in the Atlantic Coach Conference (ACC) when he trailed only JJ Redick of Duke, a player that would set the all-time record for points scored in the ACC in 2006 before Hansbrough would later break it in 2009. For his efforts Tyler was not only chosen as the conference freshmen of the year but also became the first player ever to be selected as a unanimous choice for first team All ACC as a freshman. The Sporting News even made Tyler a first team All-American after his first season.

Tyler would play three more seasons and be named to first team All-American lists for each of his four years. Despite being recognized after his junior season in 2007-2008 as the national player of the year Tyler decided to forego the NBA Draft and come back for his senior season in hopes to winning an elusive national championship with Coach Roy Williams. On April 6, 2009 Tyler Hansbrough and Roy Williams achieved their goal by winning a national championship together when they defeated Michigan State University in a game played in Detroit, Michigan.

10 Fun Things to Do in Rhode Island: Check Out These Top Rhode Island Attractions

Let's face it. Rhode Island is not that popular as a tourist destination when compared to states like New York and California. This is not to say that it's not a good destination. It's just that a lot of people are not aware that there are a lot of fun things to do in Rhode Island. This is quite a shame considering the fact that a lot of tourists are having fun and they're even making it a yearly thing to visit the state. Well, it's time for you to know about these fun things that you can do so you can check out what the state has to offer.

Tour the Newport Vineyards

The Newport Vineyards offer daily tours and wine tasting events. If you fancy a relaxing day with your loved ones, check out how wine is made in this part of the country. They also hold regular events like their Winter Farmer's Market, Vineyard Yoga and more.

They take pride in bringing the Napa experience to Newport. If you can not go to Napa, this is a very good consensus prize. Check them out at 909 East Main Road (Route 138) in Middletown, RI, 02842.

Take Your Kids to the Roger Williams Park Zoo

The zoo is set at a 40 acre park. Here's a fun fact. It's actually one of the oldest zoos, not just in the New England area, but in the whole US. You just know that this zoo is packed with history. This makes it one of the best Rhode Island attractions.

It's a given that your kids will have fun interacting with the animals. In addition, they also hold regular fun events so make sure to check beforehand.

If you're going as a family, it's certainly one of the fun things to do in Rhode Island, especially if you're heading to Providence. To be exact, it's located in 1000 Elmwood Avenue.

Play Golf

Did you know that there are 40 golf courses in RI? Best of all, they offer some of the nicest views, with some of them laid out by the oceanfront. If your idea of ​​a fun vacation is a golfing vacation, you can not go wrong with this state.

Go Sightseeing on a Cruise

You should check out the Classic Cruises of Newport. You have three options – the Schooner Madeleine, Rum Runner II and the Arabella. Also, do not miss going on the M / V Gansett. It's a classic wooden vessel that's a hit with locals and tourists alike. It's one of the Rhode Island attractions that you should not miss.

Try Your Luck at the Casinos

Hey, it's not Vegas, but how different can the casinos in RI be? If you're not really a high roller and you're just looking to have fun and try your luck, the casinos here are more than adequate.

You can try the Twin River Casino in Lincoln. If you're in the Newport area, head over to the Newport Grand Slots.

Go Fish

You may just catch the big fish of your life. All you need to do is to charter a boat and you can head to some of the most pristine rivers that you'll ever see. These rivers are among the best Rhode Island attractions.

The Fly Fish Rhode Island, Inc. is a trusted charter in Smithfield. If you're in Newport County, there's the On The Rocks Charters. You can also head to Narragansett and contact Adventure Charters.

Relax at the Beach

Yes, RI is pretty small, but it sure doesnt feel that way if you're going to check out the 100 or so beaches in the state. Narragansett Bay is one of the most popular, if not the most popular among tourists. If you're looking for things to do in Narragansett Rhode Island, you can not go wrong with Narragansett Bay. This is especially true among families because it has a breakwater barrier protection which makes it perfect for beginners.

Eat, and Then Eat Some More

Readers of Travel + Leisure ranked Providence as one of the top US cities as far as food is concerned. The restaurant scene in this city is hot so if you enjoy food, eating in Providence is one of the most fun things to do in Rhode Island.

In addition to downtown Providence, make sure to check out East Side and Federal Hill as well. Oh, and if you need more proof that the food scene in Providence is bustling, Mario Batali himself named Providence as one of his favorite Little Italy's outside of NYC.

Satisfy Your Quench for Adventure in Adventureland

This is a popular destination in Narragansett especially among families and groups of friends. Show off your battling skills at the batting cages. Race your friends in your choice of go-kart. Bump and soak your friends on board a bumping boat. There's a long list of adventures that you can do in Adventureland.


Ask several people and there's a good chance that they'll tell you that surfing is one of the most fun things to do in Rhode Island. Yes, the beaches here are not just for swimming; they're for surfing as well. You do not have to worry if you do not know how to surf. Warm Winds has you covered since they're offering lessons and rentals. Surfing truly is a fun thing to do in Rhode Island.

These are just some of the fun things to do in Rhode Island but they should be enough to convince you that your next vacation should be in Rhode Island. Book your vacation now!