Brick Walls: Unlocking The Door To Your Elusive Ancestor

Genealogy is the most fascinating addiction anyone can get into. It is also one of the most potent drugs that affect many as they get older. Once hooked, it is a hard habit to break – but then, why would anyone want to. It is one hobby where you can be part of the family, socialize with new kinfolk, trespass through the cemeteries, and get to be the Inspector Clouseau of one's family when suddenly faced with brick walls, unlocking the doors to the elusive ancestor.

Ah, yes! Those hideous, yet intriguing brick walls that anyone researching their family history is bound to find in their family. To best illustrate how to unlock the doors to your elusive ancestor, I feel that it will be more helpful to introduce my own brick wall to reveal the more frustrating side to genealogy. So, at this time let me introduce my elusive one of my three times great grandfathers, George Himes.

Public recognition of an elusive ancestor for me has been one of the hugest keys to unlocking the door and getting behind the brick wall in my own genealogical experience in the past when I was at wit's end on my maternal grandmother's line. That particular ancestor died in 1976 before my genealogical bug was born, and knowing very little I put together an article on another blog site you may have heard of called, Hub spot. I wrote an article in which I basically exposed all I knew about him and asked for help hoping to connect with another person in the same place researching this line. I will get back to this story later in the article.

Face with another brick wall, I want to learn more about my three-time great grandmother. I can not find him ANYWHERE. The only information I have is verbal that has been passed down through generations or through limited resources. I will use this and demonstrate this method I found. This elusive ancestor is George Himes. He was born in North Kingstown, Rhode Island in 1788, and married Mary Ann Nye of Jamestown, Rhode Island. He was said to have been a carpenter, and his wife was a care of their house and children. One of his children was my third great grandmother, Adeline Russell Himes – he had others, as my grandmother said Adeline named her son after her favorite brother, Alexander Barton Luther, who is also my one-time great grandfather. My eight times great grandmother has a sudden temper that would flair up and be over quickly. I realized I may have inherited this from my grandpa Himes, and have learned to control it. Let me outline this method for unlocking those brick walls in our genealogical research I have found successful:

  1. Outline Connections from You Up. Anyways, let us get back to my three-time great grandmother, George Himes, and his wife, Mary Ann. The first thing I do is to take a manila file folder and open it up; I put myself on the bottom and work up to the line I am addressing. I put copies of any original documents in the folder as you should NEVER carry your originals with you. This way, if you lose them or something happens, you still have the origins safe at home. I am pretty comfortable back to my two-time great grandmother, Adeline, but then I come to her parents. Who are these two strains in my line? Now, I need to record everything I remember hearing about them from my grandmother – sometimes this will reveal a clue to the next step.
  2. Record All Memories and Stories Heard. George Himes was born in 1788 in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. He married Mary Ann Nye, born about 1803 in Jamestown, Rhode Island – unknown exact date or where. He died in Rehoboth, Massachusetts on the twenty-sixth of March 1866 from cancer of the face. It is said he wore a black cloth over the side of his face all the time and would keep a piece of steak tied to it. It was thought in that time the cancer would eat the steak and not his skin. He would sit and cane chairs, and sing hymns all day. My grandmother would tell that it was said George bled to death when the cancer ate into his jugular vein. Unknown exactly how many children he had enclosed my two-time great grandmother, Alexander S. Himes, and a daughter, Mary Himes, who was said to have married a Dr. Miller and moved out to California after they were married. There is supposedly a boatload of descendants out there by the Miller's out there in California. Beyond this point, I know no more.
  3. Note Any Places You Recalled. I checked out North Kingstown and learned all the records were lost in a fire way back. I found proof of his death in the vital records at Rehoboth, Massachusetts to verify his date of death and learned the names of his parents, my four-time great grandsparents who were George and Eunice. This record also indicated my three-time great grandmother was seventy-eight when he died. This proves the year of his birth. I wrote for any military records from the Federal Government and they were unable to locate any – which may or may not prove he never served. Well, there is Jamestown, Rhode Island – guess we will start there and do some digging on his wife and sometimes do some land searching in North Kingstown, Rhode Island.
  4. Time to Make A Field Trip or Hire A Professional The frustration of unearthing an elusive ancestor can be overpowering at time. Since this is my pastime and I have a full-time job, I contacted Marjorie Schunke – a researcher in North Kingstown o is now disappointed to dig into the remains of the burned records. She found a probate record dated the twenty-second of April, 1802 stating George Hiams deceased, Town Council appointed son, Stukeley, as administrator on that date. And another entry for John Hiams (son of George, laTelly Deceased) a minor, chose his brother Stukeley Hiams as guardian. This would be my four-time great grandmother, who I also learned served in the Revolutionary War from November 10, 1778 to December 6, 1778.
  5. Finally, Take All Information and Share Publicly. After all leads exhausted, take all your information as I have done here and share it in a blog post. I did this with another line that I was stuck on and today I am meeting living relatives as a result, and all I must admit are the greatest. Do not expect an instant find for your post – it took my blog post three years of just being out there and finally I got a response. It was a grandson of my grandfather's youngest brother and their things just started flying in at me.

In conclusion, let me go back to my first brick wall to show how public recognition helped me realize this tool I had found quite by accident. It was about six years later, I opened my email and my mouth dropped in excitement as I found a reply from a young gentleman researching his great grandmother. His great grandfather turned out to be my own grandfather's youngest brother. Today, I have connected to the rest of this family line and working on putting together a book of that research for all members of that line to have as well as hold a family reunion to form an association to keep us together. Here I exposed another of my elusive family members, and showed you how I do it by putting everything I know into a blog post and publicly sharing it. Now it is your turn to try this method with YOUR elusive ancestor. Make sure to leave your contact information in the resource box and wait for the right eyes to find it. Suddenly the heavens will open up to an abundance of new leads and connections as it did for me. I hope this will help you unlock the door to your own elusive ancestor. Wishing you much success as you get ready to climb publicly over your brick walls!

The Swannanoa Valley Rainbow Egg Lady – Organic Gardening Lifestyle

Karen Cruser moved to Swannanoa, North Carolina from California in 1972 with her husband and their then two year old daughter. They built their house by themselves using recycled wood and windows, some wood from local sawmills and wood from their property. Swannanoa is in the Blue Ridge Mountains between Asheville and Black Mountain, NC.

The house is located on 12 acres of woods and fields along the Swannanoa River.

When asked what she likes about Swannanoa, Karen gave heart-felt answers, the first of which is the Swannanoa River. She states that this is a beautiful part of the world and it is important to keep it this way.

Karen is glad that Swannanoa has a strong local food movement and the best Bee Chapter in the state. She also appreciates the friendly people here who help one another and work together for the good of all. She feels strongly that it is important for all of us to preserve our farm land and support local farmers.


Karen Cruser happily and busily spends her days doing organic gardening, baking, sewing, preserving, tending to her animals and bees, and taking photos to name a few of her activities.

Beside preparing foods for home use, Karen has an amazing array of natural items she makes. She is perhaps most well known for her gorgeous "rainbow eggs" gathered from her prized flock of chickens.

Karen's advice about raising chickens is to feed and care for them as if they were being "spoiled." She feeds her chickens only good grains and greens. Well, they look happy!

Karen's artistic photography and handmade note cards are from beautiful pictures taken with a 35 mm camera. They are mostly taken locally and along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

She also bakes spreads and other organic goodies using her own home grown eggs, organic flour, milk and butter. She uses honey produced by the bees in her hives and is hoping to add more hives in the coming spring.

Buncombe County NC has an active Bee Keepers Chapter, extension office, Karen is as enthusiastic about bees as she is about most things. "We must all take care of the bees as they in turn make most of our food possible. We have to make wise decisions when using pesticides … most are very harmful to bees."

Her jams are made from the fruits and berries she raises organically, or fairly shared with her by friends. Some are "no sugar added."

Now just what else could this busy lady do? Well, she grows organic vegetables for home use. She knits sweaters and hats, sews childrens' clothing, and makes wooden toys. Whew!


This long time resident (living here 30 plus years) states that she hopes to see Swannanoa became incorporated and retain all of its unique charm. She also feels that much careful thought should go into the town center and the entire area.

Karen is passionate about her home, her life and her endeavors. "I think it is important for a person to do what they enjoy and are interested in, then make it a way of life." She feels it's not "work" if you love what you do.

How Do I Get My Personal Property When There Is A No Contact Order Or Restraining Order?

How does a person obtain his or her personal belongings in Rhode Island (RI) when there is a criminal no contact order / Family Court restraining order or District Court Restraining Order?

A person arrested for a criminal domestic violence liability involving his wife or girlfriend, who he resides with, often needs to obtain his clothes and personal belongings since the fact that there is a no contact order in effect. This also applies when there is a restraining order in effect.

Personal belongings usually consist of personal property such as clothes, sneakers, toiletries, uniforms, personal effects etc.

There are several proper ways for an accused to obtain his / her personal affiliations when there is a no contact order / restraining order in effect:

(1) The accused can contact the police department where the victim resides and seeks to make arrangements to pick up personal belongings. The police will often escort the person to the home. The downside of this arrangement is that the police often are in a rush and enforce a time limit.

(2) If the accused has a private attorney, the lawyer can contact the victims attorney who can contact the victim to make arrangements. The accused's attorney can also seek to contact the victim to make arrangements (if the victim has no lawyer). This can have pitfalls because the victim may be hostile or the victim may have no interest in negotiating. The accused can also call the victims lawyers to make arrangements.

(3) The accused can attempt to arrange to get his marriages through a third party such as a friend or family member who knows the victim. The accused must be careful not to violate the no contact order.

(4) The accused can seek relief from the Family Court or the District Court where the restraining orders were filed in an attempt to retrieve their belongings.

If there is a criminal no contact order the Criminal Judge will not get involved in helping retrieve the accuseds' personal property.

There is absolutely no Rhode Island (RI) case law concern this matter!

Extreme Skateboarding at Maple Skatepark in the Outer Banks

Think of the Outer Banks and recreation, and the more obvious water sports come to mind. Anybody planning a vacation to the shores of North Carolina, be it Dare or Currituck County, is relatively looking forward to days of relaxing in the sun, surfing, fishing, and cycling the waves on a jet ski. Newer visitors to the Currituck Outer Banks may be surprised to know, however, that an alternative recreational activity awaits them at Maple Skate Park.

A recent addition to the attractions roster of Currituck County, North Carolina, the Maple Skate Park opened in May of 2006 in response the growing interest in skateboarding and extreme sports in the Outer Banks. Although the area is not populous year round, the spring and summer brings thousands of visitors to the area annually, mainly families looking forward to a beach vacation offering flexible activities to suit all interests. The park, located near Currituck Regional Airport in Maple, North Carolina, is free to the public and open from sun-up to sundown, allowing maximum enjoyment for all skating enthusiasts.

Visitors to the park will find the area split into two sections. An open flow bowl offers an "oververt" section, loveseat, and a door, and there is also an eleven-foot vertical keyhole with pool coping. Parents and others come to watch the action are welcome to make use of the grilling areas for a picnic. As there is no supervision at the park, skaters are advised to skate at their own risk, observe common sense and courtesy, and wear protection against injury.

For an alternative to the beach, extreme sports lovers are welcome to ride or watch at Maple Skate Park, and to view the progress as expansions to the park are being done. The Maple Skate Park is just one of many attractions making the Currituck Outer Banks the place to visit this year.

Surprising Drunk Driver Penaltyies From Around the Globe

There are not likely many individuals who can claim ignorance of DUI laws and penalties. For some reason, however, there are still well over 1.48 million DUI arrests every year in America alone. Most people in the States realize that the penalties for driving under the influence can be severe, but in reality, these penalties can vary in seriousness by state. In fact, the DUI treaties in America have nothing on some of the opportunities faced in foreign countries.

Even individual states within America get to set their own penalies related to DUI charges, and it's amazing how much these penalties can vary by locale. This should make it quite obvious, then, that laws in other countries can be even more wide-ranging. To get started however, we'll look at a lenient law close to home.

a) Rhode Island, USA

While many would not see DUI laws in Rhode Island as "lenient," the individuals over at Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) disagree. They ranked Rhode Island as one of the most lenient states in America when it comes to drinking and driving charges. This is likely because drunk drivers are not required to use ignition interlock devices or immediately surrender their license. Added to this, the state has not legalized sobriety checkpoints.

b) Pennsylvania, USA

According to one Pennsylvania DUI defense lawyer, in that state "BAC between.10 percent and 1.59 percent includes jail time of 48 hours up to 6 months, a fine of $ 500 to $ 5000, and a 12-month license suspension." These penalies seem lenient however, when we exam others others from around the word.

BAC between.10 percent and.159 percent includes jail time of 48 hours up to six months, a fine of $ 500 to $ 5000, and a 12-month license suspension. – See more at: laws, however, seem even more lenient when looking at those around the world.

c) Finland

Finland is very tough on DUI offenders. To start with, police do not need any probable cause to demand that an individual take a breath alcohol test. Those who have a 0.05 percent alcohol alcohol content (BAC), which is lower than the maximum BAC in America, can face six months in jail and a license suspension of five years. Those who blow a.12 percent, on the other hand, could land in jail for up to two years.

d) Malaysia

The standard penalty for DUI in Malaysia is around a month in jail, but it can extend up to six months. If a person's religious preference is Islam, however, they can face much more serious repercussions. Consuming alcohol is against Islamic custom, so driving under the influence can certainly be an issue. For Muslims arrested for the crime, their punishment could be 80 lashes from a whip.

One case that was noted by Amnesty International actually found a woman who received six can strokes for simply consuming alcohol in the country.

e) Arizona, USA

As mentioned earlier, DUI laws can vary greatly within the United States. Unfortunately for those outside of Rhode Island, not every state's drinking and driving laws are quite as lax. In Arizona, for instance, an individual could face up to 10 days behind bars for their first DUI conviction. On top of that, they'll face license suspensions of up to a year and a variety of different fines.

The important thing to remember in America, however, is that citizens are afford certain rights not available in other countries. Just imagine if a state tried to pass a law prohibiting for lashes from a whip to be used as punishment like they are in Malaysia. Americans are lucky to live in a country where they have the right to a DUI attorney and trial, and in using these rights, they may be able to actually avoid serious consequences.

There's no doubt that DUI laws around the world can be quite serious. This is why any traveler to a foreign land should be well prepared if they're going out for a night on the town. The mere mention of some of these laws is enough to make those prone to drinking and driving steer clear of certain countries. Regardless, drinking and driving in any country is dangerous, but at least in America, individuals have a chance at a "civil" criminal defense.

Commercial Real Estate Lending Trends in 2015 With Comparison to California

In March 2015, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) invited a random sample of 49,485 realtors who worked in commercial real estate to fill out an online survey. A total of 791 responses were received for an overall response rate of 1.6 percent. The survey queried realtors' opinion of how they found their lending environment to be during that past year. Living and working in California, I find it interesting and informative to compare general results to survey opinions in our state. I think you will find it instructive, too. Without further ado, here are the opinions of the brokers and private lenders as stated state by state:

States that provided difficult lending situations

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that 58% of investors preferred approaching banks but not all banks were ready to lend. Of those that did, these traditional lending institutions aggravated the situation with clumsy procedures, irksome schedules and terms, and long drawn out processes. Few banks, too, executed themselves to please their clients or to make the situation more comfortable for them.

Said a private lender in New York

Banks have been very aggressive to get deals advanced.

Such a situation can be expected from a city like New York where banks have to be on their feet regarding delays and have had to cut back due to bad loans. Beside, New York is known for its aggressive and abrasive environment. Deficiency of empathy to clients is one of its sore points.

More unexpected has been the fact that genteel places such as Louisiana are reporting the same difficulties.

Said a local agent:

Banks are doing well but they make it hard to do business, and is hard to move forward in an environment like this. – Louisiana

And in North Carolina:

The money is cheap, but still very difficult to obtain. – North Carolina

Similarly, the banks place monopoly on investors and act like nefarious scrooges. Other investors had this to say:

The rules put in place for the big banks are handcuffing the regional and community banks. – North Carolina

Just refinanced 3 properties from $ 150,000 to $ 1,000,000. Low loan to value deals. – Colorado

Secondary market commercial financing terms are either so burdensome that it's not worth the process, or terms so tough that purchasers do not see the value in financing and just pay cash for smaller commercial deals. – New Mexico

States who found the lending environment good

If you want to invest, you may wish to consider moving to one of these areas. There is less opportunity than in California. There may be a flatter market in place with distressed inventory and possibly less promise, but the banks are more eager to help investors.

There is plenty of money available for qualified buyers of commercial properties. – Texas

Financing has not been a problem with reasonable transactions. Massachusetts

States that provide a positive environment for commercial private lenders to work in

Lending conditions of banks in the majority of the states in 2015 have been frustrating for consumers which makes it an ideal situation for private money lenders such as hard money lenders who thrive on disappointed investors. Hard money lenders step in where banks fail with promises of convenience, solid attention, client comfort, fast hand-overs (think of receiving a loan in the same week as compared to a 60 days plus of the banks!) And far less paperwork. All you've have to do is sign your name on a few forms and fill out details regarding the value of your property and your work, experience, and / or credit background. Nothing major and far smoother than the banks. Thewriting, in short, is lovely. Even the loan-to-value structures in some places (particularly in California) has picked up with commercial private lenders now offering higher to full percentages.

The downside is the high interest rates and balloon payments (think of payments that are double as much as banks). On the other hand, shunned want to-be-investors may have no alternative.

Agents in Pennsylvania and Carolina lauded the private lending market:

Typically, entrepreneurs have vision and are way ahead of the cultural curve while banks operate seemly in a closed cave and compensate for their lack of skill with aggressive rates and terms, or an unrealistic client process. – Pennsylvania

Carolina was more severe. One investor explained that he preferred the alternate sector because:

I think the banks have let down the entire country. They are mindless lemmings and have abandoned their role in the greatest economy. – North Carolina

These agents in Georgia, Carolina and Illinois, for instance, who were let down by their banks may have no choice but to seek out private commercial lenders especially if they want to invest.

Illinois: Commercial funding is a problem. I have a great property on the market for 1 year and no takers.

Another commented that banks are

Slow in processing loans. Abnormal waiting time to be funded. – Illinois

North Carolina: Commercial land loans almost non-existent.

And Georgia. (He sounds really caustic):

When lenders begin lending again, the demand backed up by buyers is very high and the economy will perk along. No money – no recovery.

Agents in Wisconsin found a similar situation:

Banks have gotten much more aggressive for owner occupied transactions.

Seems as though, some private investors would find a ready market in Kentucky:

Generally speaking only local banks are lending commercially. It takes twice as long to get a loan and the underwriting requirements are too restrictive. – Kentucky

Finally, it seems as though in Ohio, small businesses have no choice but to approach hard money lenders:

Big banks are not making loans to small companies anymore … only to big businesses.

Flip to the private commercial lending environment in California …

The National Association of Realtors discovered that private lenders run a booming lending business in California. More brokers have joined and more are investing in the field. Private lenders in California have profited from a growing interest in investing that came upon the shortcomings of the recession. 2015 was a good year with private lenders mainly serving entrepreneurs and small business owners. As mentioned, these were ones who were turned away from the banks.

During the last year, private lenders also boosted the attractiveness of their field by eliminating one of their problems: the low loan-to-value (LTV) rate. Originally, lenders only doled out LTV rates that ranged from 50-60% which is hugely low for the value of private property. A growing number of agents felt comfortable enough to raise their LTV rates to 80%. Some meet full property percentages. This and tightening government regulations to protect borrowers (particularly residential borrowers) has made investors more willing to see private commercial lenders as an attractive alternative.

On the flip side, growing prices and the bonus high interest rates of lenders resolved in a rising percentage of defaults. Inexperienced and new agents had more of these collapsed repayments than others. Defaults are predicted to rise the coming year due due to an increase In interest rates. Government regulations, too, have meddled in the situation with irksome and complicated rules that force lenders to protract time to acquire loans thus making an original attractive private lending situation less so.

Nonetheless, these years seem to be a good time to enter the private commercial lending market in California, particularly if you know how to do it.

Here are some of the reports as published by NAR:

Most people say they will talk to their bank for commercial loans. California

True. But then, a majority is turned away. This is particularly due to the fact that:

Excessive regulations and self-imposed bank red tape have made commercial borrowing difficult for legitimate customers. California

This causes many investors to turn to hard money lenders .

I think there's enough money available, the problem is not the Banks; it's the borrower's inability to qualify for financing. California

And said another private lender who world in California:

Many, many obstacles to getting a loan. Even experienced loan brokers are not sure of their deals until the very end of the process. California

Which is why hard money lending in California is thriving …

Celebrating New Year at the Greek Island of Rhodes

Every year January 1st is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in Rhodes Island. People of Rhodes wait for this day as it is not only Protohronia (New Year) for them but also the day of St.. Basil. Children of all ages are keen to get gifts from Saint Basil. Rhodes Island carries its own meaning of New Year and many different traditions and celebrations are associated with it.

Celebrating New Year in Rhodes provides the chance to reveal the culture and traditions of this place. All over the island, different celebrations and fireworks shows are arranged. In order to make your Rhodes Holidays special during New Year, the preparations for this mega event starts in advance.


When it comes to Rhodes Island, there is always something interesting every year. Here you can enjoy fabulous moments and make outstanding memories of your Rhodes Holidays. People greets the fresh year with utmost delight. According to a tradition, any boy or girl named Vasilis receives gifts and wishes. Churches and monasteries named after Vasilis plan special celebrations.

New Year's Eve Cake – Vassilopita:

Also referred to as the Feast of Saint Basil, cutting New Year's Eve Cake is one of the oldest traditions in Rhodes Island, Greece. A coin is placed inside the cake. The head of the house cuts the cake and gives slices to all members of the family. Whoever gets the slice having coin is believed to have a lucky year. So do not forget to cut the New Year's Eve Cake with your family during Rhodes Holidays.


Greeks believe that lots of good fortune is associated with New Year. Therefore, people consider it lucky to gamble. No matter they win or lose, they keep on gambling all day long. Following the tradition, they gather around a table covered with green felt and play cards on it. Card playing and rolling the dice have become more like a custom in Rhodes.

Filling of vessel:

As a part of ancient New Year traditions in Rhodes, people empty a vessel of water and then fill it with fresh water.

Parties and other celebrations:

In order to greet the New Year, many hotels and restaurants arrange special New Year parties. Similarly, celebrations take place in bars and caf├ęs. Special gala evenings and musical nights are arranged. These parties start at mid night and last till the morning.

New Year Carols:

New Year carols are a must in Rhodes. Kids visit homes in their neighborhood while singing Kalanda and greeting them with New Year wishes. The home owners give small gifts or money to those kids.

Greetings and Gifts:

New Year gifts play a vital role in New Year celebrations. People use to greet their dear ones and exchange gifts with them. There are a number of New Year eve songs, which people sing and owe to their near and dear ones on this occasion.

Rhodes Holidays promises great enjoyment opportunities especially during New Year. No matter you are coming with your friends, family, and partner or alone; this beautiful Island will meet all your holiday desires and make it a wonderful New Year for you.

NC Waterfront Communities and NC Waterfront Homes For Sale

Waterfront living offers benefits and enjoyment like no other. The combination of a splendid view and the numerous recreational opportunities available can not be compared. However, the lifestyle itself is one of casualness and relaxation hard to emulate in any other environment. In coastal southeastern North Carolina that winning combination is available for the taking.

Topsail Island is a barrier island located north of Wilmington and south of Jacksonville. This convenient location makes Topsail a desirable place to live. Topsail has offered some of the best property buys along the eastern seaboard. Oceanfront homes are the most popular properties to purchase for investment purposes and they range from $ 300,000 to $ 1,250,000. Topsail Island also has several condominium communities.

Wrightsville Beach is adjacent to Wilmington, and is considered to be one of the best real estate investments on the coast of North Carolina. With plenty of beautiful oceanfront real estate, the vacation rentals market on Wrightsville Beach is strong. Currently the average price for homes on the beach is $ 1,163,661. Residents, local government and staff have been successful in preserving the family atmosphere that has appeared to so many generations of home owners and visitors. There is a wonderful balance of services provided without the over-commercialization to which so many beach towns have succumbed.

For those who want a permanent waterfront location without the summer fluctuation in population Porter's Neck Waterfront community is too good to be true. Situated on the Intracoastal Waterway just four miles north of Wilmington, the exclusive Porters Neck features custom-built luxury homes, championship golf course, sports center with tennis and swimming, and clubhouse. Townhouses, villas and single family homes are available overlooking the water, the golf course or surrounded by natural woodlands. Currently new home listing prices average between $ 242,724 and $ 508,768. Residents truly enjoy a high quality of lifestyle in this beautifully designed and maintained community.

Celebrating Christmas in the Island of Rhodes, Greece

Have a wonderful experience of Christmas during your coming Rhodes Holidays. This beautiful island welcomes tourists from all over the world and lets them experience an unforgettable experience of their lives. The picturesque beauty, amazing sites and exciting entertainment opportunities offers everything to make you enjoy the best vacations of your life. Yearly, a large number of tourists from all corners of the world come to this place and enjoy the Mediterranean Greek culture during Christmas celebrations. Below are some popular Christmas celebrations in Island Rhodes, Greece.

Official Celebrations:

It is the duty of Cultural Organization of Municipality to decorate all major streets, avenues and buildings as well as organize Christmas ceremonies. Celebrations continue toill the last Christmas day. Everyone can enjoy and participate in the stunning performances of musicians, artists and dancers. Different shows that reflect traditional Greek culture are being arranged so that you can enjoy them during your Christmas Rhodes holidays.

Public Celebrations:

Whether it's Rhodes Municipality or Public organizations, all take part in celebrations and serves the tourists gracefully. People wear special dresses to welcome their valuable guests. Both young and old take part in contests and get special gifts. Children go from one house to another singing carols and enjoying. They are rewarded with Christmas sweets or small gifts by the homeowners.

RODA Train:

A special train known as RODA train is run especially during Christmas. Carrying out from Aktaion to the mansion of Rhodes, it is carried out on daily basis. People enjoy riding on this train whileyby they get an opportunity to see different sites of Rhodes that are especially embellished for Christmas celebrations.

Traditional Greek Food:

In Rhodes Island, people fast for forty days before Christmas Eve. Therefore the grand Christmas feast is a very special treat for everyone. Traditional Greek food is strongly associated with the event of Christmas. Melomakarona and Kourabiedes are famous cookies found in almost all bakeries and shops. Turkey is cooked in most homes. Moreover, people love to eat Kataifi, Loukoumades, Diples, Baklava, Gourounopoulo and Christopsomo (Christ Bread) etc.


From picturesque beaches to ancient churches and monasteries, Rhodes has a variety of places where one can go and enjoy his Rhodes holidays during Christmas. During Christmas holidays, the medieval historic buildings look more fascinating due to unique lighting and decorations. This multi-cultural place is the ideal destination for those who want to spend their holidays in a calm and tranquil manner as well as for the fun and party freaks.

Ranging from a honeymoon couple to an individual exhausted from his busy life, Rhodes is a perfect place for tourists of all ages and tastes. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy delicious traditional cuisines, beautiful sightseeing and other entertainment opportunities.

Rhodes Island is a must see place especially during Christmas. If you want to enjoy your Christmas holidays to the best then do not delay and plan your Christmas Rhodes holidays in Island Rhodes, Greece. This beautiful Island will provide everything so that you enjoy the best Christmas of your life.

NC Bluefin Anglers Get Break From NMFS

Bluefin tuna anglers in North Carolina caught a break from the National Marine Fisheries Service (they believe) when the federal agency that oversees the take of these huge pelagic creatures upped the season limit from three to five fish per boat for the 2011-2012 winter-spring season.

The NMFS announced a final rule that:

(1) increased the General category maximum possible daily retention limit from three to five fish (with limit adjustments to be executed via in-season actions as appropriate);

(2) allowed the BFT General category season to remain open until the January sub-quota is reached by March 31 (whichever happens first); and

(3) increased the Harpoon category daily retention limit of 73 to 81 inches from two to four fish.

The General category measures are effective November 30, 2011, and the Harpoon category measure will be effective December 30, 2011. However, the Harpoon category fishery is open June 1 to Nov. 15 each year. NMFS has made one change from the proposed rule to allow the General category season to remain open annually until the January sub-quota is reached March 31 rather than May 31 as originally proposed (whichever happens first).

Bluefins are a prime winter target of many coastal captains who hope to catch them and sell them to buyers for Tsukiji (the Tokyo fish market). Japanese prize bluefins for sushi or sashimi and will pay amazing amounts to anglers who land Atlantic bluefins. With a dearth of tourist/anglers visiting the N.C. coast from December through February, a single bluefin can salvage an entire winter and keep a captain from having to go south to Florida and fight with other captains for scarce snowbird clients or remain home and be on welfare.

Southern bluefins, prized for their mild taste, are preferred by Oriental palettes, and the Nipponese willingly fork over astronomical payments for a single, prime Carolina-caught tuna. How big is the money?

Well, the price per unit peaked in 1990 at $68 per pound when a typical 350-pound fish sold for around $10,000. However, by 2008 bluefin prices had fallen to $46 a pound. But the Tokyo market is volatile and prime tuna (unsullied by a long fight against a rod and reel and build up of lactic acid in the fish’s body) still can command a jaw-dropping price. Single bluefins have brought $150,000 (2001) and $173,000 ($1600 per pound).

“This (decision) goes to show that by pulling together and hiring a lobbyist that we can get something done,” said Capt. Keith Logan of Feedin’ Frenzy Charters of Holden Beach, a saltwater fishing guide and activist leader for recreational anglers.

“This took three years to get done. The American Bluefin Tuna Association also played a big part in getting this passed. I was at the meetings in North Carolina and South Carolina over the last three years, and we went from Bluefin Tuna going on the endangered spices list to this.”

Previously the season limit was one, then two, then three bluefins per season.

“I still don’t agree on the three to five fish,” Logan said. “I would of like to have seen (the limit) stay at three bluefins, and that was what I asked for. Going from three to five will make the season end soon and we get a lot of bluefin in North Carolina in February.”

The N.C. record bluefin, an 805-pounder, was reeled in March 12, 2011, by a Virginia man off Oregon Inlet. Corey Shultz of Waverly, Va., caught the fish aboard the Sea Breeze out of Oregon Inlet Fishing Center. The bluefin measured 112 inches curved fork length with a 76-inch girth.

Apparently, NMFS regulations are based upon studies that show severely-restricted bluefin tuna fishing along the Atlantic Coast a few years ago helped rebuild the stock. However, many ocean experts still believe bluefins are a threatened species, mostly because of over-harvesting by European, Mediterranean and African nations. Disagreement remains about whether or not Atlantic bluefins are one stock or two because some American-waters-tagged fish have been caught off the coast of Africa. Critics of U.S. fishing policies claim lax overseas regulations may mean U.S. rules need to be tighter in order to keep the entire bluefin population from approaching an unrecoverable low number.

Logan also pointed out NMFS took 160 metric tons of allowable bluefin tuna quota from the United States and gave it to Mexico and South America.