Using Rooster Decor in Your Home

Do you love the look of a Rhode Island Red Rooster? No matter what breed you like, you can decorate your home with roosters and it is easy to do. When you decorate with a theme, it's important to make sure that you use a neutral color as your main color and accent with your theme.

People decorate with roosters for many reasons. They may love the colors of the feathers, they may love roosters and chickens, and it may remind them of a child hood memory of being on the farm as a child. For what ever reason you like to decorate with roosters, keep these tips in mind.

Roosters have several colors on their feathers. You can use all of these colors or pull out one particular color that will blend in with your current decor so you do not have to make too many changes.

Again, you want to use a neutral color as your primary color. Paint your walls this color so you can easily balance your overall look. The neutral color can be beige, cream, sand, or light brown.

Next, you want to select one rooster that you like the most and use those colors to balance the rest of your decor. For example, if a Rhode Island Red is your favorite rooster, you can use barn red curtains, tablecloths, placemats, and red area rugs to accent the decor. Accessorizing is an important part of a themed look and you want to find the right balance.

Next, you want to find a few pictures of a Rhode Island Roosters. You can find these pictures in stores or you can take them yourself and blow them up to the size that you need; 8×10 or 5×7. Before placing them on the walls, you will need to find some wood picture frames to hang them in. This will give your home a rustic look. Place the pictures evenly at your eye level on the wall.

Finally, you need to find rooster salt and pepper shakers, rooster coffee mugs, rooster canisters, and other rooster themed kitchen essentials. This will enhance your rooster theme.

Different breeds of roosters offer a different color feathers so you can go with the color that you like the most. Once you choose a particular breed that you like, you can enhance your kitchen decor with these colors and decorate the walls with a neutral color that will balance the look.

You can shop online or at your local store for rooster themed kitchen essentials. Many times, when someone gets tired of a themed look in their home, they will change everything and offer their old theme at a yard sale or flea market where you can pick it up for a little bit of money.

If you end up with too many colors in your room, add a white flokati rug on the floor under the table or around a sitting area in your room so you can balance the look. This will help you create a pleasant look in your room that you and everyone who comes into your room will love.