Who is the Pilot?

It was a mild summer day in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina when I boarded United Airline flight 7318 to Washington, DC. Like usual, I promptly located my window seat, with no doubts that the pilots would safely take me to my destination.

Suddenly, as I sat staring out of the window waiting for take-off, certain questions unfolded in my mind. I surprised, "Who are these pilots that I wholeheartedly entrust with my life?" I wondered about my surety of knowing that they would or could take me to my destination. I also pondered on "Why it is that I – or we as individuals, trustingly and unwaveringly allow others to continue pilot our lives without questions or reservations?"

We permit others to pilot our lives while we unquestionably find our seat near the window – just watching – watching our lives quickly pass by. We lack faith in ourselves, because too often, we allow others such as bosses, friends, family and even enemies, to navigate our lives. We allow others to pilot our lives because of their negative words. We allow others to pilot our lives because they claim to know what is best for us. We live on autopilot without a clue as to where we are headed, or how we will get there.

We must declare that we will no longer allow other people to take control of our lives – or of our future. No matter how cloudy things look, no matter how dark our past is, we must remember that God is in control.

Allow God to be your pilot – as you co-pilot your own life into a prosperous and promising future.

Declare today: I will no longer sit back and allow other people to control my life into an uncertain and discontented future. The past is behind me – and only the best is yet to come!

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