Not Too Many Incentives for Residential Grid-Tie Systems in the US

Let's just start off with California, as far as giving an incentive for energy ROCKS, well at least as far as free electricity goes!

Small Residential Grid Tie Interfaces are most welcome in California, and not only do they encourage it- they reward it. If you have a smaller residential system be it Wind, Solar, Hydro the state of California will pay you if you have an overage on your monthly bill. Yes they will actually send you a check for the electricity that you provide above and over your monthly bill. In Rhode Island they will give you a credit (oh joy). So what about the people in Rhode Island that would / will produce 135% minimum every month for life? Well those individuals basically get shafted, the excess of electricity will still fall to the utility company and that's about it end of story. If that's not enough you can not even have that credit transferred to friends or family or anyone else for that matter.

Energy conservation or "going green" is not a hot topic in New England, because it is not rewarded. They give you silly small tax credit incentives and little perks and all that really does for anyone is the same equivalent to a hill of beans.

The main utility company in New England is NATIONAL GRID a British owned company that still must be mad over the "Boston tea party" incident. I think it is outrageous that in a world of depleting and global warming attributes from fossil fuels that this issue would not completely boil down to the green back. Now there is a term that should be adjusted "Green back" …

Why am I writing this? I recently built my own DIY wind machine, and doing this from pieces of garbage. That's right all from stuff people throw out on the side of the road. I set out to prove that one person can reduce their electricity bill by at least 15-20%. So that's why I am so upset over this issue, enough to write a few tid-bits that maybe someday might get read.

So come people of New England (Rhode Island) let's get with it and move to pass a bill that gives us the freedom of not being bullied by the monopoly of NATIONAL GRID.

Hey, California and other states have adopted this, we can too!