Our Christmas cruise to Puerta Vallarta and save money

After much thought, my wife and I booked our first cruise for Christmas. Cost, what does the room look like, should we sleep by anchor or engine? Thanks to the internet because we were able to cross-reference available rooms and rooms with videos and place them on the internet. We were able to look at the room and figure out if we were traveling with a suitcase or the usual five suitcases. Just kidding, I packed my bags and carried two more. The next item on the agenda is getting a passport so we can explore the island. We have found that if you have an accident without a passport and you have to fly back to the United States, the situation becomes quite complicated. The consulate is starting to work, and many other expensive expenses may be avoided. Two different sources strongly suggested passports, so we set out to take pictures, fingerprinted and were made "legal."

We only guaranteed a down payment of $ 500 and allowed payment, which is pretty good in my time. In addition, the booking company said that if we can attract enough people to sign up for the voyage, they will arrange a group and offer discounted prices. Great, we are already planning a cruise trip in 2015. Due to this group, it will be greatly discounted, and we find that cruise routes are twice as expensive as in winter. Thank you Godsend for your "Advanced Status" and discounts.

My wife researched our cruise and it turned out that it was a 7-day cruise leaving Los Angeles, and we would be in Puerta Vallarta on Christmas Day. To me, it's amazing. I always wanted to give my wife something special, and now we are all excited. Well, along with groups, they offer discounts and special "privileges" such as extra money to gamble. In addition, we found that we could order room service without spending any extra money. Focus on what we want to do instead of lining up to eat.

My wife and I have traveled in 40 of the 50 states and now it is our first cruise and we will book another. Good luck everyone, any suggestions for the first cruiser would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again! !!