10 steps to travel Europe cheaply


You have the opportunity to search for air tickets at least once, thinking I guess I will retire at the age of 65 and it will still be there. Don't be discouraged! I will explain how to go to the European dream country for less than you think.

Step 1. Forget your exact travel plan

The fastest way to make your trip as expensive as possible is to narrow your search to an incredibly specific range.

For example, just because you have a four-day weekend on Easter, it means that it is a good time to travel. Open yourself up and choose your travel dates, travel locations and accommodations flexibly. The more flexible you are, the cheaper the trip.

Step 2. Determine where you really want to go.

I know what I said just now is flexible, but that does n’t mean you ca n’t choose where to go, it means you have to be open to ways you never thought of. If you want to visit Dublin the most, do n’t just search for flights from the United States to Dublin. You may find a ticket from the US to another European city at a lower price. You can then book another short-haul flight to Dublin with a round-trip ticket for less than $ 80. This is also a good way to check the award country!

Step 3. Determine the city you want to fly out of

Airfare prices to Europe vary widely, depending on the airport you are flying to, the place of departure and the date of travel. Therefore, a good first step may be to determine which airport to take off from. If you live in a big city like New York, Boston or Los Angeles, you are lucky! You will find the cheapest flights from these cities to Europe. If you do not live in these cities, then you will most likely cross them to Europe. Therefore, if you can drive to one of those cities, it may be a cheap option. Otherwise, consider booking a flight to one of your cities from your hometown. Although this is strange, you can get cheaper flights by booking each leg separately instead of booking a ticket from home to destination.

Step 4. Identify the cheapest European city

The easiest way is to check the website that summarizes all the cheapest time, so you do n’t have to search hundreds of flights yourself. Some sites allow you to enter the United States or the city you are leaving in the "From" field. In the "To" field, try to select "Everywhere". Then scroll down the displayed list to find the first / cheapest country in Europe. For example, if the price in Norway is US $ 340 and the price in France is US $ 380, then if your desired destination is France, it may be worth choosing France; however, if the difference exceeds $ 100, I will choose the cheapest first Airport. The annoying thing about Skyscanner is that transactions are usually no longer active, and sometimes you have to search many dates to find the cheapest trip. But patience is the key, this is how you find the cheapest flight. Another suggestion is that sometimes flights are made through travel agencies, so it may be worthwhile to search for travel agency reviews before booking air tickets, and remember that satisfied customers rarely write reviews. However, if the institution has one-fifth star, it may be a clue.

Step 5. Find flights between Europe and take you to the ideal destination in Europe

One thing most people do n’t realize is that flying from one country in Europe to another is very cheap.

I flew across Europe at a one-way fare of $ 14. not kidding. I have never paid more than $ 60 for flights within Europe. Use to find the actual destination from the country you finally booked the cheapest to Europe.

Step 6. Now that you have arrived, please find a cheap or free place to stay

Everyone has their own dream holiday ideas. If you stay at the Ritz Hotel, then I am surprised that you read this article. For most of us, we just want to stay in a decent place while enjoying everything Europe has to offer. I have never stayed in Europe. I don't want to, I'm not so desperate. Accommodation is divided into four options: hotel, rent, hotel or Couchsurf.

  • hostel . Staying in a hotel is a safe way. If this is your first time in Europe, or you do n’t like to take risks, then this may be the option you want. Depending on the hotel you visit, it ranges from $ 20- $ 200 per night, so you may need to keep this in mind when choosing your destination. I do not recommend that you stay in Monaco unless your oil company ’s first-quarter profit hits a record high, but staying in nearby Nice may be an option. In other words, please keep it open.
  • Lease . Booking a rented apartment, apartment, villa or house is also a safe option, but it is more complicated than just staying in a hotel. Sites like Homeaway and Airbnb provide some very unique locations, and I have to say that some of my favorite places in Europe are rentals. From a villa in a winery in Tuscany to a secluded mother on the outskirts of London, I really like renting a house, and if there is a group of people, the price is usually much cheaper than staying in a hotel. Costs can be shared.
  • hostel . The term hotel has caused people to think of horror movies, but the reality is that in Europe, the distinction between hotels and hotels is sometimes indistinguishable. Of course, in the hotel, you can add a bunk bed in a room with five other travelers, which is exciting and fun for some people! However, just because bunk beds are not your business, it does not mean that you should exclude everything with the word "hotel" in the title. I live in some hotels as good as hotels.
  • Couchsurf . If you really have a tight budget, or it is really important for you to meet with local people, there is no better way than Couchsurf. If you do n’t know what I ’m talking about, please visit the Couchsurfing website. In essence, the website allows you to request to stay with people who are willing to receive travelers for free, and vice versa. People will comment on travelers and landlords, so you can guarantee that they are in good standing. This of course carries risks, and safety precautions should be taken. In addition, in case of poor conditions, you should always have a backup plan.

Step 7. Cheap to eat.

I focus on the necessities of visiting Europe: travel, accommodation and food. Of course there are many other ways to spend money, but these are things you have to spend money, and food is one of them.

The food is great. I like food. The first few times I went to Europe, I was very disappointed because I wandered into the restaurant casually, and most people were below standard. When I started looking at TripAdvisor restaurant reviews, all this changed, and it made every meal great. This is not a general suggestion, but a tip to save money. However, TripAdvisor does allow you to search at the general price of the restaurant, so $ cheap $$ $$ moderate $$ is getting more expensive, etc.

This is the secret to saving money: buying groceries in Europe is usually very cheap. Therefore, if you booked an apartment with a kitchen, please use it! Go shopping at the local market and buy some novel food to cook! If you are on the go, please buy more sandwiches to save a few dollars.

Step 8. Realize there are more expenses

Even though travel, accommodation and food are your main expenses, there are of course other expenses. Things to consider include the cost of transportation, attractions and souvenirs upon arrival.

Transportation options include taking public transportation. Most European cities have cheap, inexpensive public transportation, which you can buy in local currency or debit cards at kiosks. Please note that because you need to enter the chip and password, US credit cards are usually not available.

If you plan to travel outside the city, renting a car is a good option, usually the cost is very cheap, and provides you with great freedom of travel. Although trains are fascinating, they are usually not a cheap way to travel across Europe. Flights are much cheaper and faster. However, if you like the idea of ​​exploring the countryside by train, it is worth trying. Tickets can be pre-purchased on the Eurorail website, but a fee is required. Or, if you are more flexible and feel worth the risk, you can buy it in person at the train station, the price is usually much cheaper.

Step 9. Driving lights

Although you may not think that driving lights will save money, please believe me, it will. First of all, every airline charges a luggage fee. Therefore, each piece of luggage on your flight costs between US $ 25 and US $ 100. This adds up quickly. Secondly, if you have two suitcases, then you will have to fill two suitcases with things you may not need. Third, when you dragged two bulky school bags, cheap transportation like the subway became frustrating and impractical. Fourth, your luggage must always be carried with you or in the hotel, so if you plan to check out in the morning and go to another city, you will be powerless. Your hotel and check your luggage. All in all, it ’s just a huge pain to carry a bunch of things around Europe. My suggestion [I ca n’t stress too much] is to pack everything in a backpack. I have a 50-liter backpack, and for a month and a half in Europe, it has everything I need. Yes, there are also laundries in Europe. If you say yes, then you will not understand because you are a man. I traveled with two young women and both of them put everything in their backpacks. If you say you do n’t understand, because you are still young, I went to Europe with my mother and she stuffed everything into a standard size school backpack! You can do it too!

Step 10. Always plan for the worst and hope for the best

Whenever I travel to Europe, I plan my expected expenses and put everything together. I also plan to pay at least $ 200 in unexpected expenses. In the end, my expenses are always much lower than this number, but I do n’t want to end my life in this overwhelming situation.

in conclusion

I gave you the condensed "European Budget Guide" in 2,000 words. Of course, there are many other things to consider when booking a trip to Europe, but the most important thing is to do it! Find cheap flights to Europe and make reservations. You can fill in all the blanks later, do n’t try to plan everything before getting the tickets, and do n’t try to plan every second every day. Set aside time to immerse yourself in European life spontaneously.



Overview of Expedia discount codes: Introduction to online travel discounts and vacation deals


Are you on your next trip? One of the most well-known companies in online travel booking is Expedia. The company is a leader in domestic and global travel destination transactions. In the next big adventure, all you need to save is the Expedia discount code. No matter what kind of trip you plan to travel, whether it is business-related travel, leisure, backpacking adventure or family vacation, these special offers will help you find the most affordable deal.

The quotation of the destination is constantly updated, so you can choose various hotspots. Just check the company destination recommendations and browse the transactions until you find the one you like. If you are on a business trip, you may be eligible for some kind of special company discounts-more car rental companies, airlines and hotels offer them these discounts than most people realize.

Another thing to check is "Daily Deals" to understand the popular travel deals in these 24 hours. This section covers everything from vacation packages to hotel rooms. If you have already planned your destination, please be patient; the correct transaction will eventually pop up.

Before using the Expedia discount code, please read the code carefully so that you can know exactly what it is used for. Some can be used for almost anything, while others have limitations and cannot be used to "stack" with other transactions.

What else can Expedia discount codes be used for?

Not only can you find discounts on airline tickets and hotel rooms, but you can also save on car rentals, amusement park tickets, cruise ships, live performances, meals and more. Many vacation packages are categorized by specific themes to help travelers narrow their search: romantic trips, family vacations, luxury cruises, golf packages, ski trips and more.

Be sure to check the last minute transaction. If you have not left the plane, you may still be able to take it-cheap. If there are still empty seats on the flight, sometimes the airline will drastically reduce prices at the last minute. The hotels are the same, and usually provide the latest and cheapest prices to ensure that all rooms are full.

You can also search for hotels and flights on specific dates. Will provide you with all available prices for dozens of airlines and hotels / hotels. Compare quotes and choose the one that seems to be the best. Make sure you can use Expedia discount codes at the same time.

Expedia has thousands of partners worldwide, dedicated to providing affordable and reliable offers to business and leisure travelers. To save even more, you can make full use of the Expedia discount code provided by the premium coupon website.



Where can I find airfare discounts for business class seats


Traveling by air can be expensive and tiring. However, Flying Business Class offers you the opportunity to make the most of your journey, which is an excellent way to travel and is full of energy and ease. Business class flights have a first-class lounge, multi-course meals, Internet-enabled facilities, private screens and entertainment systems. Therefore, getting expert advice and travel tips is worth the effort in finding airline deals to optimize the flight experience. Flying in business class or first class, especially when booking air tickets at the price of a business class seat, is the holy grail of air travel. And there are some ways to deal with upgrade transactions on business class seats.

The airline's own website

The airline's own website offers great possibilities for finding the lowest fare on a business class seat, and they may show many fare options. One of the advantages of finding airline transactions on business class seats on airline sites is the direct establishment of sales relationships with airlines. It has become more inflated, so when canceling flights, when buying tickets directly from them, it becomes easier to negotiate alternatives with airline agents.

Frequent flyer miles program

Frequent flyer miles programs with members with "elite" status provide better opportunities for business class seat transactions with more choices and opportunities. Compared with using miles to purchase coach award tickets, using frequent flyer miles to upgrade to business class seats can provide higher value. However, upgrading inventory may be limited. It is best to book as much as possible in advance and arrange mid-week trips as flexibly as possible. In addition, the upgrade can be completed within a few days and hours before departure, by being on the waiting list.

Travel agency

Air travel professionals are travel agencies with relevant experience in the nuances of air travel. A good and reputable travel agency may be valuable and can help you find discounts on business class seats, especially for foreign travel with complex itineraries. The helpful broker will make every effort and help you reduce stress and inconvenience through the endless discount ticket website. In addition, travel agencies can usually use special integrated fares that are not directly provided by the airline. Moreover, understanding all the conditions and restrictions associated with integrated fares is critical to obtaining such high value.

Non-airline related sites

Sites unrelated to airlines are a good resource to investigate all airline products at once. Business class seat trading sites that can be found on the most popular non-airline related websites include:

  • Expedia : One of the world's leading online travel companies, using leading technology websites, mobile apps and Facebook pages to discover destination ideas and get information about flights, hotels, care rentals, and cruise ships. Expedia also offers rewards programs for members, including hotel price guarantees, bookings of other people ’s earning points, and VIP access to hotel rooms.
  • Obiz business use : By combining leading technology and expert support, it provides comprehensive services and fully integrated methods for travel and expense management to save the required travel expenses.
  • Travelocity : Provide the most comprehensive guarantee for the tourism industry. Travelocity guarantee is the key to Travelocity's business model, which guarantees the best price for air travel-matching lower prices online, or the difference will be refunded when a lower price is found elsewhere.
  • kayak : A technology company co-founded by Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz, has adopted different methods in air travel and is committed to improving air travel. On the Kayak.Com website and Kayak mobile app on any smartphone or tablet, people can compare hundreds of travel sites and choose a booking location on a comprehensive, fast, and intuitive display.
  • Cook Travel : Offer negotiated discounts for first class tickets and exclusive business class tickets. Cook Travel can save you 10% to 60% of air tickets, and it is worth a 2% discount.
  • Wholesale flights : A boutique travel agency specializing in discount business and first-class flights. WholeSale.Com provides personalized customer service through a friendly travel concierge, helps with research, and offers several discount flight options for business and first class.
  • a trip : Subject to the terms and conditions, providing a variety of low-fare promised business and first-class flights, only applicable to website reservations.
  • low cost flight : It also provides the opportunity to explore cheap business class flight transactions.

Other ideas

Use the so-called Fare bucket This is also a good way to save on air travel. The more tickets purchased in advance, the more fare options. On some flights, coach, business or first-class seats may have more than a dozen different fares. However, it is often the case that the cheaper the fare, the more restrictions and conditions the bucket will be subjected to. Several ways to find cheap bucket seats may be to change the departure time or leave one day or later.

In addition, there is a website ExpertFlyer.Com, which is a website not related to airlines, does not sell air tickets; instead, the site lists all fares and rules for all flights. ExpertFlyer.Com is designed to meet the needs of frequent flyers, "Flight Mileage Program" and "Elite" passengers, professional travel managers, and air travelers who occasionally seek the best value. ExpertFlyer.Com is a powerful 24/7 real-time air travel information service that can provide information on the seat map of a specific flight to show whether or not which flights are occupied.

Generally, the cost and stringency of air travel can be daunting. The way to minimize these rigors is to travel wisely. When making travel plans, other useful resources worth looking at are websites such as SeatGuru and SeatExpert, which have proven technologies that provide cabin design and seat graphics layout, as well as various seats on the aircraft Advantages and disadvantages.



Athens Beginners Travel Guide


The Greek capital of Athens is a fascinating theme with a long history and one of the most popular resorts in Europe. It is truly one of the most mythical cities on the European continent, known as the birthplace of Western civilization. Athens has the highest class of attractions listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, as well as an incredible variety of monuments. Athens has successfully attracted thousands of tourists to visit, and provides an engaging experience for everyone , And found many endless stories about Greek mythology and history. Athens has recently encountered a huge economic crisis. Athens has quickly recovered from its losses and has once again become one of the most fascinating resorts in Europe. Those who have planned to travel to Athens should consider the following travel guides for beginners planning an Athens vacation:

1. Transportation

Despite being affected by the economic crisis, Athens still has an excellent transportation system that is not only of good quality, but also pocket-friendly and efficient, covering almost all major and minor attractions in and around the city. Basic public transport such as buses, trams, subways, and trains are convenient and direct access to the main entrances and exits of every city, region and town in Athens. Those who like to ride a taxi on their customary route should be prepared to pay a huge sum of money, because taxis are much more expensive than public transportation. Therefore, unless you do not want to spend a lot of money on savings, you should probably consider using public transportation until you have to visit a suburb with limited public transportation.

2. Famous attractions

Athens is like a sea of ​​information. Everything available here has its specific proof and can be visited by visiting the most famous landmarks, including the Acropolis, Parthenon, Constitution Square, Athens National Observatory, and Hadrian ’s Library. , Tower of Wind, Propylaea, Athena Parthenos, Greek Jewish Museum, Temple of Athena Nike, Tszirakis Mosque, Church of Agios Eleftherios , The Presidential Palace, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Greek Folk Instruments, the Church of the Holy Apostles and many other truly fascinating places are closely related to the heritage, culture, traditions, religion and lifestyle of Athens and other parts of Greece.

3. The best things about Athens

Although Athens is closely related to its history, this Greek capital has an amazing cultural and traditional diversity, which is why most of the tour groups in Athens are still sold out. The city has many amazing theaters and art galleries, which not only provide visitors with a lot of information, but also entertain in an interactive and enthusiastic way. The theater and performing arts center of Athens is an important reason why people often admire the cultural and artistic diversity of Athens and like to take some crash courses or small classes on the road and enjoy them.

4. Festival

Athens is a city with rich and diverse religions. People who are passionate about religious and cultural activities throughout the year are very happy with the people who live here. Festivals like Epiphany, Greek Revolution Day, Apocris, Panigiri, Flower Banquet, Music Day, Epidaurus Festival, Jazz Festival, Rock Festival, Great Wisdom Festival, etc. These festivals will definitely bring you a See the rich cultural values, artistic treasures, magnificent religious beliefs and solidarity among all religions, live in harmony, and celebrate each day with more enthusiasm than ever.

5. Money saving tips

Athens is the most portable holiday destination, but only if you know how to do things, live and entertain in a frugal way. There are a large number of choices for each activity you carry out, and the more research you have on these choices, the better results you will get. Although the economic recovery in Athens is mainly driven by tourism, if you still need to save on travel costs, you can try to stay in a local hotel, use public transportation, and get 24 hours at a lower price within 24 hours Tickets are less than 5 euros. Dining in Athens is indeed diverse, and if you can dine in the food court instead of upscale restaurants, you can save a lot of money. Bargaining is as common in Athens as in the rest of the world. There are plenty of free walking tours in the city, and many attractions in Athens are free.

The charming urban life of Athens is the perfect combination of the past, present and future. People who have been thinking about spending their holidays in the Greek capital should consider the above basic tips in order to not only spend a pleasant holiday, but also a pleasant holiday. Save their voyage. Therefore, if you have booked a flight to Athens and have thought too much about how to explore this charming city, then you need to remember these points and follow the basic style of travelling to any destination in the world.



Welcome to Vietnam-Budget Travel Paradise


Vietnam is becoming a very popular tourist destination. There are two main reasons why people include Vietnam in the itinerary: For budget travelers, Vietnam travel is a good choice, and when they arrive in Vietnam, they are welcomed by enthusiastic receptionists.

If you are shopping, the ticket to Vietnam is very cheap. You can reach Ho Chi Minh City from the west coast of the United States [said Saigon in Vietnam in the south] in less than 19 hours, which includes a 1.5-hour transit time.

Domestic transportation is cheap! The fare of the open tour bus from Saigon to Hanoi is less than $ 30, and you can see some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable. Don't want to take the bus? The hotel offers comfortable trains and fast planes. The two-hour flight from Saigon to Hanoi costs about US $ 100.

Tourist hotels are cheap and attractive. The staff were helpful and polite. You can travel from town to town without booking, and always find the right accommodation.

As mentioned earlier, the scenery is wonderful-misty mountains to lush green rice fields to sunny beaches. Vietnam has 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Halong Bay. Bring 2 cameras-you may wear one.

I kept the best. Vietnamese food is great. Most restaurants still get fresh fares from the local market every day. Fresh herbs, spices, vegetables and local meat can provide you with delicious cuisine. Seafood and chicken dishes as well as pork and beef are all specialties. Vietnamese cuisine is also light and delicious. Some influences from the East and France created the right mixture of Western tastes.

Don't hesitate to include Vietnam in your travel plan. You will not regret it. And you will not forget.



Religious organization meeting app saves time and increases revenue


The goal of most religious organizations is to provide spiritual and family guidance to their members. To support this goal, these organizations are maintained through the contributions of their members. Religious organizations can now seek new technologies to help them achieve two goals. One of these technologies is audio conferencing. Here are five new applications that use audio conferencing. In addition to adding new contributions to their vaults, they can also provide spiritual and family guidance to members of the organization.

Executive phone. Religious organizations are composed of hierarchical formal structures within denominations, starting from local churches or parishes, extending to states, parish-level regions, then to national headquarters, and finally to world headquarters or the Vatican, just like Roman Catholicism. Each religious sect has constant communication needs at its own level. Audio conferencing can be used to provide instant meetings without traveling, saving time and money.

Call the sermon. One of the most popular applications in audio conferencing is the Dial A Sermon application. Local churches and churches hope that their sermons will be welcomed by as many members and guests as possible. At any time, several members were at home, sick or out of town, unable to enter the church. Therefore, these members cannot hear the sermon. Through voice conference, the podium microphone can be connected to the telephone line, and the conference bridge can be dialed, so that the pastor can also preach on the bridge in addition to the members in the church. Now, residents who are away from home can use their own home or mobile phone to dial into the bridge and listen to the entire worship service. Each sermon or worship service can be recorded and stored for later playback by members who cannot listen to the service in real time.

Prayer line. Another popular meeting application for religious organizations is Prayer Line. Using this application, you can use the conference bridge to publish scheduled dates and times [usually in the evening] for prayer services. Then, publish the prayer schedule in all church written and online publications. Dial-in telephone numbers with passwords will be published with instructions to instruct members to dial in on a specific date and time to pray with the pastor or pastor each time. The pastor or pastor will lead the participant to a prayer meeting, which usually lasts for an hour.

Appeal for fundraising. Conference calls can also be used to increase membership. Whether the church is raising funds for families of parishioners in crisis, missionary work abroad, or capital movements to build more buildings, a conference call can be used to attract many members at once. Operators from conference service providers can hold Q & A sessions with members on the call to answer all their questions. Members who did not answer the original call can also record the appeal call and play it later.

Affinity procedures. A hobby plan can be formulated to promote the use of teleconference services by the entire religious organization, thereby reducing conference costs by increasing conference time. With conference services, the more you use, the cheaper the cost. Therefore, when negotiating the price with the conference service provider, please consult the affinity program and what discounts can be obtained by increasing the quantity.

There are five conference applications that religious organizations can use to communicate information to members and raise more funds for special projects.



¡Commercial fuel card: found available options


For many companies, regular maintenance of fuel costs every day is one of the biggest costs they often face. Whether it's a convoy, a small team that often travels all over the country, or several staff members, it is expected to move from one office to another; fuel costs always come and will always add up.

As a result, some of the world ’s largest fuel suppliers now offer commercial fuel cards. Just like a credit card, a business fuel card is strictly used to pay for fuel, and you can use a fuel pin at a specific location when you refill. Businesses using fuel card services usually receive regular invoices every week; they can repay within the agreed time. As an effective cost management method, the fuel card can provide security and control the amount of fuel, making life easier for any business.

Whether your driver is a small team or a large team; all invoices will be organized together, you can control the driver's expenses, and you can even use data providers to plan shorter and more fuel-efficient routes for drivers.

From European Shell to Texaco, British Fuel and Esso; the big names in the fuel world have their own advantages, but which one is right for your business? There are different savings, different fuel locations and different fuel management services; finding the right fuel card will require knowing what to look for.

Looking for the right business fuel card? Here are some key points to consider when trying to discover the available options …

  • Savings-Fuel cards are only good when your business can make real savings, so please consider the transactions offered by each card. From fixed pricing to competitive pricing and two-tier pricing and other features including M6 charging options; depending on your needs, you should be able to find cards that can bring some benefits.
  • Options-As mentioned earlier, different cards will have different available options, so please consider these options before making any decision. How many gas stations are there? Can you get several cards in one account? What about the fuel company you choose? If you need them, will they be able to provide ongoing support?
  • Services-Fuel management services are ideal for any business, and dedicated services will help you manage cards, invoices and any other issues. This level of control is excellent when you want to better manage business expenses.

For companies that rely on drivers, strict management of these conventional fuel costs can have a great financial impact, which is why some of the largest companies in the world are now using fuel cards.

Not every fuel card is correct, so if it ’s time to find the right fuel card for your business, do your homework and ask all the right questions to start saving money and better manage these expenses.



Susanna Zaraysky's "Happy Travel, Low Budget"


Practical money-saving tips to promote world travel and cultural trips

Global traveler Susanna Zaraysky became our guide through her book "Happy Traveling, Low Budget". This book is written for beginners and knowledgeable travelers of all ages.

Prepare to make your dream journey a reality. Read carefully the thirteen parts of this book. You will find "more than 200 tips for saving money, travel around the world!" Now plan to update the passport that is rarely used. Remember the old saying: "Having half the fun in the plan." Susanna combines her personal experience, awkward moments and disillusionment to enable readers to learn from her mistakes and avoid these traps.

These personal stories are helpful because they remind you of the possibility of unpredictable disappointment or serious setbacks. I appreciate pre-travel planning, ensuring accommodation, mastering the basic currency, and valuable advice on reminders and suggestions for the elderly.

Susanna provides more than 160 useful web resources covering every major topic discussed in the guide. I learned how to get, package, go through customs, get a passport, find the exchange rate table for the US dollar, and convert feet and inches to metric suggestions.

"Happy travel, low budget" is a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide designed for self-sufficient travelers. Board the plane, sit down, fasten your seat belts, enjoy the flight, food and accommodation. Experience the charm of new culture and the wonders of world travel.

Kaleidomundi, 978-0982018989

As commented in "Central and Western Book Review"



9 travel tips to make the journey better


Are you planning to take a holiday in the Caribbean, or plan to travel for about five years, or plan to go to a mountain village in Tibet that has been on your bucket list since college? Here are some travel hackers that will prepare you.

Photocopies have been around for a long time

Do not carry photocopies with you, as important documents may be misplaced or accidentally destroyed instead of taking snapshots. Take snapshots because this is a cleaner and safer way to always save important documents.

Luggage gives you a lot of space

Consider using wearable luggage. This kind of luggage [such as Stuff or Rufus Roo] has a lot of pockets and a lot of space, so you can easily carry all the necessary items. Pack your pockets-these jackets can take away a few kilograms of "things", including clothing, hygiene items, ID cards, money and even laptops.

Ready to face the next destination

Before running away from home, make yourself some fresh lemon scrub. A bag of sugar and a slice of lemon will solve the problem. You can also easily obtain these two methods from flight attendants. Mix these two ingredients, rub the mixture on your face, and rinse in the bathroom sink.

Don't get stuck in a pair of underwear

Take some essentials with you. This includes changing clothes, medicines, hygiene products, bathing suits and phone chargers. Change clothes; this is much better than spending the entire holiday on the same suit.

Don't run out of cash

Store some cash in an unusual place so you won't spend it, but it will be there when you need it. Try the inner bag. Your backpack, socks you carry with you, or anything else in your wallet can be used.

Take a moment to read

Read a book in your hotel room, find the best places for activities, luxury, visits and dining. You may have some freebies and are looking for discounts and coupons.

Keep the necklace tangled free

Place the necklace on a flat toilet paper, fold each side of the paper in, and then wrap it around your fingers to form a coil. Also, try to watch the necklace through the empty toilet paper roll.

Don't forget your pillowcase

Fill the pillowcase with the jacket. Make a temporary pillow on the plane and use it as a laundry bag at the end of the trip.

Business lounge can meet your Wi-Fi needs

Find a business lounge. If your airport does not have free Wi-Fi, please camp near the business lounge. Sitting close enough, you can usually pick up the signal.



Discount Travel Offers-Ways to Find Economy Class Flights and Hotel Rooms on Your Next Trip


If you feel you need to leave for a few days, then you may be looking for discounted travel offers. Whether you want to spend a simple weekend holiday or a complete holiday, there are various tools and travel promo codes to help you. No matter where you want to go, it is best to remain flexible about the plan. If you have a specific destination and date, searching may be more difficult-especially during the peak tourist season at that location.

One way to get a cheap deal is to check the "secret hotel" offer. The price is so low that the hotel does not want to advertise directly. You need to find the name of the hotel after booking. Although this may seem like a gamble, many top hotels [such as Marriott, Hilton and Sheraton] have participated in these offers. In general, before deciding whether to make a reservation, you can usually check some information about the neighborhood where the hotel is located and the type of amenities it provides.

Another way to get discounted travel deals is to use low-cost airlines. More and more low-cost airlines offer long-distance travel-some of them even offer flights to other countries. WOW and Norwegian Air are the two airlines you want to conduct international flights. For domestic flights, please consider Jet Blue or Allegiant Air.

Direct flights may not always be the answer. Of course, you may reach your destination faster, but in the end it may cost a lot of money. It may be much cheaper to book a flight to another city first, and then book a separate flight from that city to your destination.

Special Travel Offer Warning

Beware that the ticket price seems too low. You may end up hit by a lot of hidden costs. Some smaller airlines will charge extra for in-flight drinks and snacks [including water]. You may also have to pay for carry-on luggage. Be sure to read the fine print carefully to determine whether you can really get a lot.

If you book with hotels and airlines that cooperate with each other, you can save money. On travel booking websites, you can usually choose to merge your flight with a hotel room. There are also places to consider for membership and loyalty. For example, if you are an American Airlines AAdvantage member, you can earn points for stays at Best Western, Hilton, Marriott, La Quinta Inn and other hotels and convert these points into free airline miles. There are many opportunities like this. Some credit card companies also reward points that can be redeemed for airline tickets or free hotel rooms.

If you do n’t immediately see any discounted travel offers, do n’t get discouraged-sometimes it takes only a little patience. The perfect offer will eventually pop up.

Online, you can find all the information you need about discount travel offers. In addition to vacation guides and tools for finding budget travel opportunities, you can also shop and compare all the best offers. Use the online promo code to save more money on your next trip.