9 travel tips to make the journey better


Are you planning to take a holiday in the Caribbean, or plan to travel for about five years, or plan to go to a mountain village in Tibet that has been on your bucket list since college? Here are some travel hackers that will prepare you.

Photocopies have been around for a long time

Do not carry photocopies with you, as important documents may be misplaced or accidentally destroyed instead of taking snapshots. Take snapshots because this is a cleaner and safer way to always save important documents.

Luggage gives you a lot of space

Consider using wearable luggage. This kind of luggage [such as Stuff or Rufus Roo] has a lot of pockets and a lot of space, so you can easily carry all the necessary items. Pack your pockets-these jackets can take away a few kilograms of "things", including clothing, hygiene items, ID cards, money and even laptops.

Ready to face the next destination

Before running away from home, make yourself some fresh lemon scrub. A bag of sugar and a slice of lemon will solve the problem. You can also easily obtain these two methods from flight attendants. Mix these two ingredients, rub the mixture on your face, and rinse in the bathroom sink.

Don't get stuck in a pair of underwear

Take some essentials with you. This includes changing clothes, medicines, hygiene products, bathing suits and phone chargers. Change clothes; this is much better than spending the entire holiday on the same suit.

Don't run out of cash

Store some cash in an unusual place so you won't spend it, but it will be there when you need it. Try the inner bag. Your backpack, socks you carry with you, or anything else in your wallet can be used.

Take a moment to read

Read a book in your hotel room, find the best places for activities, luxury, visits and dining. You may have some freebies and are looking for discounts and coupons.

Keep the necklace tangled free

Place the necklace on a flat toilet paper, fold each side of the paper in, and then wrap it around your fingers to form a coil. Also, try to watch the necklace through the empty toilet paper roll.

Don't forget your pillowcase

Fill the pillowcase with the jacket. Make a temporary pillow on the plane and use it as a laundry bag at the end of the trip.

Business lounge can meet your Wi-Fi needs

Find a business lounge. If your airport does not have free Wi-Fi, please camp near the business lounge. Sitting close enough, you can usually pick up the signal.