Susanna Zaraysky's "Happy Travel, Low Budget"


Practical money-saving tips to promote world travel and cultural trips

Global traveler Susanna Zaraysky became our guide through her book "Happy Traveling, Low Budget". This book is written for beginners and knowledgeable travelers of all ages.

Prepare to make your dream journey a reality. Read carefully the thirteen parts of this book. You will find "more than 200 tips for saving money, travel around the world!" Now plan to update the passport that is rarely used. Remember the old saying: "Having half the fun in the plan." Susanna combines her personal experience, awkward moments and disillusionment to enable readers to learn from her mistakes and avoid these traps.

These personal stories are helpful because they remind you of the possibility of unpredictable disappointment or serious setbacks. I appreciate pre-travel planning, ensuring accommodation, mastering the basic currency, and valuable advice on reminders and suggestions for the elderly.

Susanna provides more than 160 useful web resources covering every major topic discussed in the guide. I learned how to get, package, go through customs, get a passport, find the exchange rate table for the US dollar, and convert feet and inches to metric suggestions.

"Happy travel, low budget" is a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide designed for self-sufficient travelers. Board the plane, sit down, fasten your seat belts, enjoy the flight, food and accommodation. Experience the charm of new culture and the wonders of world travel.

Kaleidomundi, 978-0982018989

As commented in "Central and Western Book Review"