Welcome to Vietnam-Budget Travel Paradise


Vietnam is becoming a very popular tourist destination. There are two main reasons why people include Vietnam in the itinerary: For budget travelers, Vietnam travel is a good choice, and when they arrive in Vietnam, they are welcomed by enthusiastic receptionists.

If you are shopping, the ticket to Vietnam is very cheap. You can reach Ho Chi Minh City from the west coast of the United States [said Saigon in Vietnam in the south] in less than 19 hours, which includes a 1.5-hour transit time.

Domestic transportation is cheap! The fare of the open tour bus from Saigon to Hanoi is less than $ 30, and you can see some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable. Don't want to take the bus? The hotel offers comfortable trains and fast planes. The two-hour flight from Saigon to Hanoi costs about US $ 100.

Tourist hotels are cheap and attractive. The staff were helpful and polite. You can travel from town to town without booking, and always find the right accommodation.

As mentioned earlier, the scenery is wonderful-misty mountains to lush green rice fields to sunny beaches. Vietnam has 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Halong Bay. Bring 2 cameras-you may wear one.

I kept the best. Vietnamese food is great. Most restaurants still get fresh fares from the local market every day. Fresh herbs, spices, vegetables and local meat can provide you with delicious cuisine. Seafood and chicken dishes as well as pork and beef are all specialties. Vietnamese cuisine is also light and delicious. Some influences from the East and France created the right mixture of Western tastes.

Don't hesitate to include Vietnam in your travel plan. You will not regret it. And you will not forget.