If you are traveling to Chicago, know the details of the traffic and signaling rules in Chicago

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Speed ​​limits in Chicago vary, and on most city roads it is 30 mph. admittedly, interstate highways, but congested areas accept a speed limit of 55 mph. In Chicago, turn right at a red light after stopping when there is no traffic allowed, but make sure no restrictions are set. In case of doubt, wait patiently for the green.
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Cameras are installed at most major city intersections to catch drivers running red lights and are the cause of other violations. Chicago is crowded with several one-way streets, especially in and around it, that surround the loop, so it’s very important to look for alarm signs as well as other cars.
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Likewise, the laws of drunk driving in Illinois are quite strict. Anyone caught with 0.08 or more blood alcohol levels while driving will automatically have their driver’s license revoked, and in addition, a ticket will be issued. In fact, the authorities of the home countries will also receive a notification. Drivers who have Illinois driving licenses may have their first offense license suspended for three months.
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Traveling to Chicago means following a few rules, and one is that passengers must wear seat belts, and even children under the age of eight can wear a seat belt on child safety seats. This city also does not allow the use of handheld mobile phones and is considered illegal while driving in the city. Of course, these restrictions are not the same in the suburbs, they vary. Headlights must be used in case you use wipers. In Illinois, radar detectors are legal.
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A visit to Chicago is interesting if you are willing to hike short distances. Most tourist attractions are nearby and can be covered by walking or using public transport. But if you want to drive here, you have to be willing to accept the rules from Chicago. However, in Chicago it is relatively easy to find your way because it is a logically laid out city.
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Although the traffic jams are crowded during the hours and are as frustrating as in other big cities, you still have to accept the fact that the traffic runs smoothly most days. Chicagoans are always ready for unexpected delays and one thing is for sure that during the summer and spring months at least a few downtown streets or one major highway will be in the repair phase. That’s why it’s commonly said that Chicago has two seasons, construction and winter.
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Drive in Chicago, be sure to turn on the stretch between the Museum Campus and North Avenue, as it’s truly stunning. However, don’t miss the published driving rules. Always be ready for a taxi, to turn occasionally or make an unexpected turn, without giving a signal. Generally, when they see a yellow light, drivers here take up speed and thus hear hiccups, especially if you don’t make a crazy dash before the light turns red. As expected, the price of parking at a premium location, and parking on the streets throughout the city center is limited to 2 hours, but get a ticket from the nominated cover and put it on your dashboard.