Fiber earned $ 2,500

Fiber A market for professional services.

The name derives from the original idea of ​​the service – the idea that you can buy the service for less than 5 5. As the marketplace has evolved and more sophisticated suppliers have been attracted to it, high-value services are now commonplace.

If you want to make extra money or even create one called “Fiber Business”, you need to understand how your system works.

There are several “strategies” that you may not be familiar with.

Primary pointer

  • The market for fibers is huge and diverse – It’s just the underlying idea for cheap skates is usually wrong. If you have great products / services / skills, you will find that many sellers will be able to get a price of $ 350 + even for quite vague offers.
  • People want to know who you are – The biggest problem I’ve always seen is that the best people just share their skills – they try and don’t get involved in anything fancy; They use their real names and are honest.
  • You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people – This is the biggest mistake in most businesses; Instead of telling people what you’re doing, you need to explain it to them in a way that shows how it’s going. Benefits Them.

Obviously, everyone will have their own experience with the platform; The following is based on me …

Fibers market

Most people don’t really “pie” on the scale of the fiber market – it’s huge.

It is estimated that in 2015 alone, there were 600,000 sales on the platform – one gig was bought every 5 seconds.

The word is Most People “market” is not so big, or it is crowded with people from developing countries (capable of working for a part of a western person).

While these ideas may hold some merit, the general truth is that most buyers of the platform are from the West (although it is not exclusive), and so if you are able to make an offer Quality The service, of course, has an opening.

I have found that if you are able to provide a good service for a relatively competitive price, you will usually attract a large number of buyers.

The key to success is being able to craft an in-demand offer. I’ll explain it in a second, but you need it as well Faith That Fiverr platform is large enough to support any service.

People want to know who you are

In addition to the in-demand offer, I have found that the more popular “jigsaws” are created by people with certain talents / skills.

They are usually very personal with their offer (using their face as their profile picture), and will describe their experience as real-life as possible.

This is important because if you are looking to offer a service on the platform, it is more effective to use the product as “yourself”.

In the “business” world we are beginning to believe that people want the cheapest product possible – Faceless, the corporate body that provides suitability and rigidity.

While this is true for many people, in the world of “online” services, it is more profitable to offer your service. Instead of hiding behind some avatars, or fake users, you can now

Adjust your offer

Finally, this is the most important idea I have come up with the system.

The Huge The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail [insert skill here], People will automatically blame it for some of the underlying benefits to their business.

Unfortunately, most people are not very smart and you have to really explain them How Your service can benefit them – as strongly as possible.

In marketing / sales it is called “offer” – the way you match a “product” with what the market wants.

When it comes to fiber jigs, most people will list things like “portrait photographer”, “fitness trainer” or “web designer”.

With these tasks, they will not work well. You need to provide one Because Why should anyone pay attention to what your service is capable of.

This usually means adopting a “justposition” / “niche” – where you become highly skilled with a market and ignore the rest.

For example …

  • “Amazon Product to Increase Photographer Sales”

  • “Boost business traffic with unique professional WordPress theme design”

  • “Elite fitness training to eliminate belly fat in 3 weeks”.

I can’t stress enough its importance.

Most people would list that they are a “content writer”, but did not emphasize any real skills / abilities that would value the person purchasing their services.

You need to be willing and able to “adapt” your offer to meet demand.

My story is with fiber

To explain why the above is important, I started selling the service on Fiber through my friend.

He has experience in software, computer support, network engineering, financial trading and bitcoin.

When he listed his name / information properly, his first “gig” was for “forex” articles. Although he received a few orders for these Real The meaning comes from the article “Crypto”.

Crypto articles have been made a million times on Fiber, so we didn’t make any crazy. But what about us Did Gave users the ability to * understand * why my friend as a writer would be the best choice for them.

Not only did he have real experience in the world of technology, but – most importantly – he was talking to a “consortium” from London for several years.

A “consortium” in the finance world is basically a group of people / organizations / banks who work together with a common interest. No matter what it is, everyone has their own agenda.

My friend’s consortium focused on the currency business … but more importantly, one of the group split with BTC. By “camouflage”, it appears that he will become a legitimate bitcoin millionaire in December 2017.

With that in mind, we’ve redesigned my friend’s profile to Fiber’s audience to reflect this unique experience and insight – and started getting lots of orders.

We made ড 500 in the first week and about 500 1,500 in the first month.

In my own world, I set up 2 fiber profiles.

Both profiles got feedback, one of them started to close pretty well.

It was a computer support profile, with which I had a lot of experience – it’s not just my job, you can also argue about “passion”.

The main deal with this profile was that I actually knew enough to be very precise in what was offered in the market.

Instead of posting “I’ll fix your computer for money”, they actually worked on making special modifications for different software packages.

For example …

  • I will fix WooCommerce bugs including WordPress plugin, theme, page, post, newsletter, code

  • I will improve Shopify conversion rates with themes, pages, newsletters, CRM code fixes

  • I will provide cloud VPS servers for Azure, AWS, Rackspace, Digital Ocean and more

After doing this, I started developing the site I created for the thing and made sure I was able to include my name, face and story there.

Soon, people started asking questions for our services started “Can you fix this problem with WordPress?”, “How do you add a logo to Shopify?”, “Don’t convert my Shopify site – any tips?”

I made sure that I went above and beyond in answering any questions and that any fix we provided was done on time and with “added extras”.

The “add-exts” clients we included had “run-downs” that could improve their infrastructure – to save money or increase traffic, conversions or back-end processes.

As word got closer to the progress we had made, we began to systematize most of our processes; Include choices for trustpilots and other equipment.

The main result of this is that we were able to give users the ability to get relevant support and update them with more information etc. because we had

Month 2,500 came in the first month and continues to grow.