Why host your Bitcoin Mining Server at Collocation Data Center?

One common question we are often asked is, “Why would I host my server in a data center, and not in my home or my office?”. Short answer: Scalability.

Although it is primarily expensive to keep mining servers in a residential or small commercial setting, savings will decrease rapidly as mining operations increase exponentially. There are many costs that are often overlooked as soon as bitcoin mining operations begin. Although almost everyone is immediately aware of the electrical costs involved in this effort, hidden costs increase rapidly. These include:

  • Cost of electrical infrastructure: The standard new construction provides for the use of an approved code wattage of 38,400 watts. This is 34 Antiminar S1’s or 20 currency Terminar. This power figure denies the electricity needed to actually live or work in the location and it denies cooling costs. It also costs money to install an approximately 20 x 20mp electrical outlet.
  • Cooling infrastructure costs: If mechanical cooling is required, it will take about 40% of the electrical use used by a mine to cool the place where it is located. It provides only 23,040 watts for actual mineral power and it adds 40% to the cost of net electricity used for operation. The national average is ২ 0.02 per kilowatt-hour, bringing the total cost of winter costs to $ 0.06 per kilowatt-hour. Also, about 6.5 additional tons of cooling will be required to use 23 kW net. Most large homes have about 6 tons for comfortable cooling, which means a total of 12 tons of cooling is required. It costs money to install this extra air conditioner.
  • Long-term opportunity cost: With the growing bitcoin difficulty, the cost of installing a 20 x 20 mamp plug and 6 extra tons of air conditioning should be considered a good long-term investment.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies and mining for coins, the old adage of “time is money” is much more true than ever. This should be at the forefront of your thinking process when deciding how you will go about this process. Make sure you choose a data center that understands how valuable your uptime is!

In the end, a true data center will not only have a battery backup, but a secondary power source like a generator. There will also be redundancy in their network. Here are 2 more things that will prove to be invaluable to your experience.

Save yourself worries about the cost of electricity, the cost of electricity, and the fear of downtime for your equipment. Collect your tools and start earning your coins!