Fiber earned $ 2,500

Fiber A market for professional services. The name derives from the original idea of ​​the service – the idea that you can buy the service for less than 5 5. As the marketplace has evolved and more sophisticated suppliers have been attracted to it, high-value services are now commonplace. If you want to make extra […]

Visual SLM technology benefits and applications

Visual simultaneous localization and mapping is a process that determines the position and location of a sensor as far as its surroundings are concerned. At the same time, it performs mapping of the environment around the sensor. In terms of commercialization, this technology is still in its infancy. The good thing is that it claims […]

The blockchain won big in Switzerland and Hong Kong

Bitcoin claims the reputation of the blockchain. While this may be its most well-known application, interest in the technology continues to grow as countries like Switzerland and Hong Kong come on board. Beyond Bitcoin Blockchain offers a wide range of applications across different industries and its unchanging and decentralized nature which makes it virtually powerful […]

Blockchain World’s HyperLeader. What makes it different from other solutions?

Of course, everyone has heard of Ethereum and Bitcoin. Being part of the blockchain world, they have attracted worldwide attention through extensive media coverage. In general, blockchain technology has gained business interest due to its decentralized, changeable and transparent nature. Among other notable projects in recent years has been HyperLearder. What is a hyperlder? HyperLeader […]

Multilayered cryptocurrency

The question is whether Bitcoin is being converted to a multilayered system. Well, the answer would be yes. This article tries to outline the different levels depending on Bitcoin. All yours! Have you heard of those who refer to Bitcoin as digital gold? Clearly, crypto-currencies are rapidly gaining popularity and acceptance in the crypto world. […]