Why trade in your cryptocurrency?

The modern concept of cryptocurrency is becoming very popular among traders. Sa to hit a revolutionary idea to the world as a side product of Shi Nakamoto. Decoding cryptocurrency We understand that crypto is something hidden and a means of exchanging currency. It is a type of coin that is used to make and store […]

Blockchain Mite Combat Blood Diamond

My biggest wish for Africa is that we start aggressively solving our own problems using emerging technologies. I strongly believe that the next generation of problem solvers and innovative thinkers are equipped to implement appropriate solutions on this continent. Ideally, these solutions would close the cycle of poverty and corruption. When it comes to the […]

Introduction to blockchain technology for beginners

Nowadays, technology is scaling even more new heights of success at an incredibly fast pace. One of the latest victories in this direction is the evolution of blockchain technology. New technology has had a huge impact on the financial sector. In fact, it was originally created for the digital currency – Bitcoin. But now it […]

Blockchain web hosting

The significant recent rise in the price of Bitcoin has revived the imagination of many investors, but blockchain technology is not just about money. In this article, we take a look at how this revolutionary technology will have a significant impact on classic web hosting services. The concept of cryptocurrency is not rocket science. In […]

How can blockchain increase your profits in banking?

Every industry is revolutionizing the digital economy by technology and this has led to massive changes. The banking industry is no different. Banks have successfully embraced the future of digitization. We are at the top of a fundamental revolution and still largely unknown. Even people who appreciate the potential of blockchain technology often find it […]

Blockchain: The next level of protection is level M

What is a blockchain? Blockchain is the latest trending technology that is emerging nowadays. This is an idea that ensures data security using ‘cryptography’. It is a constantly growing list of records called blocks that contain a cryptographic hash code of the previous block and are internally linked to each other. “Blockchain is basically an […]

Why not some other bitcoin

Okay, it’s been an insane 10 years for Bitcoin. Literally more than 10 years later when Bitcoin was first created by Satoshi Nakamoto. Whoever, he, she or they, they had a profound effect on the earth. They undoubtedly predicted that was why they decided to disappear from the limelight. So more than a decade later, […]

How "Crypto" Work of Coins – An Overview of Bitcoin, Etherium and Ripple

“Crypto” – or “crypto currency” – is a type of software system that provides users with transactions over the Internet. The most important feature of the system is their Decentralized Nature – usually provides Blockchain Database system. Blockchain and “cryptocurrency” have recently become a major component of global giggist; Usually as a result of the […]